Friday, February 26, 2010

Grooms strut their stuff with trendy accessories: Part 2-Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres, often referred to as “Bouts'” for those that work in the industry, is what we like to call lapel art. This would be the flower that you wear on your left lapel. Normally, in the past, it was one or two flowers (small in size) that complimented your bride’s bouquet, but these days you can get creative! Here are some ideas to spruce up that lapel of yours!

Try incorporate something you love on or in your bout. I had a groom who held a special place in his heart for gardenias because it reminded him of his father who grew and loved them. However, there were no gardenias in the wedding and that was OK.  The meaning behind it allowed for leeway and the guests knew exactly what it meant. You too, are special today and there are no rules that say they have to match or be the same flowers! I even had one groom who wanted a green flower.  It took some convincing to the bride that was carrying and incorporate just red in the wedding but honestly, it looked great and everyone said that it was totally something he would do.

Go non-traditional all together. Yes that is right, who says you have to have flowers? Well maybe your bride does, but if you want to really showcase you and your personality there are boutonnieres out there that are created to reflect just about anything you love, do or stand for.


Or what about showing off what you love to do? Rosenow Floral's does a great spin on modern day and extremely personalized boutonnieres. Try Etsy if you cant find what you are looking for. Chances are there is something for everyone there! 

  image imageimageimageimage

Wrap it up-make it unique. Floral tape is not the only option out there. You can use moss, ribbon, leaves, colored wire, or fabric.

bout moss wrappedCopper wire bout image

Or maybe you want something that is along floral lines like herbs or greenery. Check out these options from Chelsea Fuss of Frolic and Martha Stewart

imageimage  image

I am also a big fan of the less is more, like these from the knot and Colin Michael photography:


The options are endless. It is up to your creative genius (approved by your bride of course). Talk with your florist, wedding planner and event designer or do some searching online yourself. It is all about personality and showing your true colors!

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