Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vendor Highlight-Meet a Savannah Calligrapher


Name: Bride Kielty Whelan

Business: Calligrapher

Years in Business: 25


Short description of your services:

Hand lettering that includes envelope addressing for weddings, party and special events. Also, original designs for wedding invitations, place cards, menus, poems are also available. image

What is the price range for your calligraphic services:

General charges for wedding calligraphy is $2.00 per outside envelope, (4 – 5 lines) and $1.00 for inside envelope,( 1 - 2) lines. Place/Reception cards are gratis. The overall cost rarely exceeds the price of two extra guests attending the wedding.

Prices for other design projects are available on request (912-495-0350) or on my website. I am also on TheKnot, and my email is

Have you had any unique requests? What were they?

I have been asked to letter a marriage proposal as a “report” under the guise of the Bride receiving business information.

How many different styles/fonts do you offer?

I can duplicate most typefaces, However,the most popular request is Copperplate script or roundhand Script. I also do many projects in color. I letter with gouache paint to match or coordinate the décor of the event or the invitation.

What should a couple take into account when thinking about doing calligraphy for their invites and picking a calligrapher?

A Calligrapher is a lettering artist, trained and skilled in the art of illumination.

Often, personal referral is the best source for hiring a calligrapher. Prospective clients should review the portfolio or research the website of the calligrapher. You must look for someone with skill who can accept and finish a job on time, and with accuracy, according to the lists of attendees submitted by the Bride. The, and is an excellent source for comparison.

Why calligraphy over another option (printing, them writing them, etc)?

If your penmanship is fantastic, go for it, but remember it is an anxiety producing job. Blank envelopes are very intimidating to an unskilled hand. It is very difficult to use a computer to  print addresses on envelopes. The glued flap often melts in the printer, and can create problems, such as smudging or crinkling. This is costly and very time consuming. It is more efficient to let a professional, with references and experience, do the job.

How long would you need to complete the order?

I usually ask that blank envelopes be delivered to me two weeks before the Bride intends to mail the invitations. Time is needed to check, stuff and seal the envelopes after the lettering is completed. The mailing is done six to eight weeks before the wedding. The invitations and envelopes need to be ordered at least three months before the wedding date.