Friday, January 29, 2010

How to be one of the pretty people on your wedding day.

So with all of these award shows that have been on, there have been a ton of stunning actresses and a ton of beautiful makeup! Now, this is something that I have always loved, makeup that is. When I was younger, I knew I couldn’t afford a Chanel purse, but I could afford Chanel eyeshadow. Dior dress? Probably not, Dior mascara? heck yeah!!! On a side note, I sometimes think about if I would have saved all of that money spent on makeup...I probably could’ve eventually bought a Chanel bag...Save, Schmave. Any who, I love makeup...very, very much and at last weeks SAG awards there was some beautiful hair and makeup, so here are some of my favorite looks and the top three products you need to get the same look.

SAG beauty.001 1.Retro Glamour: Dianna Agron, from Glee, looks amazing! I love the modern take on finger waves! This look is all about the lips and lashes. The red needs to be very blue based, like you just finished drinking red wine! The color should be matte, no super shine here. Also, lashes, lashes everywhere! I would do a whole top center lashes! Definitely takes some practice, but I promise once you get the hang of it, so easy. Finish, with a ton of easy, light mascara in black and perfection. Your skin should just be lightly covered and powdered for a matte finish.

Must have products: Sephora rouge ream lipstick passion red 3, $12; Laura Mercier center lashes, $18; shu uemura basic mascara in black, $27.50.

SAG beauty.002 2.Modern Traditional: Diane Kruger, my favorite person ever!! I love this look because it isn’t crazy, it’s just the perfect modern mixture of your favorite traditional colors. The big money maker with this look is the matte orange red lipstick, love it. The eye is the other essential here is the brow and while this kit I’m suggesting is pricey it is wonderful!!!! You really need the most perfect dynamic brow! It opens up your face more than you will ever know, seriously, just filling in your brows can really change your whole face, in a good way. The actual eye shadow is very simple and almost 80’s which is rarely good, but it works here. It combines a very yellowish tan over the whole lid and bronzy reddish brown in the crease. This looks doesn’t require much more than a cream foundation that leaves you dewy and even. Lots of black mascara and you are all set.

Must have products: YSL Eye Quad in Sahara, $56; Anastasia Brow Kit, $75; Nars lipstick in heat wave, $22.

SAG beauty.003 3.Sexy and Smokey: Christina Hendricks is rocking the smokey eye and the reason this can work for a wedding is because it’s not done in shades of grey or black, but soft browns and creams. The lighter color goes all over the eye, lid to eyebrow bone, then take the darker brown and apply to the lid and be gutsy and make a very definite cat eye. Using a blending brush you can blend the taupe pink tone into the dark brown to soften it up. The you go freaking crazy with that liner!!! Follow the lash line closely on the top and then hit up the inner eye rim on the bottom. That’s why the eyeliner must be waterproof. The lip just needs to be lightly glazed with a peachy pink gloss. The face is very naked, choose a very dewy finish foundation and a soft pink blush.

Must have products: Smashbox eyeshadow trio in headshot, $28;Smashbox jet set liner in midnight black, $22, Stila lip glaze in apricot, $22.

SAG beauty.004 4.Clean and Simple : Sandra Bullock is having the best year of her life. Good for her, she still looks as good as the “While you Were Sleeping” days...hell, she looks even better! I love this makeup because it isn’t basic, but it is. Just by switching up the normal black liner with a slate blue, she completely changes it up. The eyeshadow just needs to be champagne-y colored eyeshadow all over maybe a slightly darker color for the crease, but completely line the eye with the blue. Now, I love this lip and it is definitely a layered lip. I would go for a nice peach/brown/pink colored lipstick, very close to your lip color, but with some sparkle, then add a wonderful sheer peach/pink/nude color over it to give you a full and shiny lip. love! The rest of the face is just evened out with a dewy foundation.

Must have products: Clinique colour surge lip stick in adore u, $14; Nars lip gloss in Roman Holiday, $24; Makeup Forever cream liner in matte turquoise, $20.

SAG beauty.005 5.Bronzed Bombshell: Lea Michelle looked the best I have ever seen her on the red carpet. This look is all about the bronzer! It’s everywhere with even more dusted on the cheek bone. You want to look sunkissed...not orange or splotchy, so with a fluffy blush brush, trace a three on your face starting just above the eyebrow, down to the cheek bone, then down to the chin. Finish with a light dusting on your nose. Basically, the places you would get sunburned. (**subliminal message: wear sunscreen always! even on a cloudy day**) The eyebrow must be filled in! A thick strong brow really makes this. The eye is just full of lashes and black mascara. The lip is also a strong feature in this look, not because it’s a crazy color, but because she has beautiful full rock a nearly sheer lip plumping gloss to get her delightful nude pout.

Must have products: Too Face bronzer in sun bunny, $27; Dior lip maximizer, $29.50; Anastasia perfect brow pencil, $22.

SAG beauty.006 6.Ice Princess: Kate Hudson is pretty awesome. I would totally believe her if she told me she never used botox. You can see the wrinkles around her eyes, mouth, and forehead. They aren’t gross and if anything they make her look she’s lived! The alien injectables queen herself, Nicole Kidman, should take note! Okay, back to the subject. The ice princess look can be tricky because it can very quickly go from pretty and ethereal to junior prom in the 80’s mixed with the actual ice capades. Not to much sparkle. The eyeshadow needs to be a pretty palette of icy peaches, purples, and pinks. Avoid straight up white. The eye is a light pinky tone all over, with a darker shade worked into the crease blended with a medium shade. To make your eyes look wide and bright, add a dot of the lightest color to the inner corner of your eye, trust me it works. A slick of black liner and mascara and you are done. Your foundation needs to be dewy, but completely without sparkle or luminizers, just to even out your skintone. Then swipe the cheeks with a luminescent blush/bronzer so your cheeks to give yourself a fairy princess glow. Finish with a nice light pink gloss and voila.

Must have products: Dior 5 colour eyeshadow in petal shine, $58; Clinique fresh bloom all over colour in almond blossom, $29.50; Fresh lip gloss in sugar charm, $18.

All products can be found at Sephora because I think that is the easiest makeup store to shop from. No pushy sales people, they let you take home samples of everything, and they are great to shop from online. No, Sephora didn’t pay me to say that!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t worry makeup doesn’t count toward the total budget...or at least mine didn’t!!!


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