Friday, January 15, 2010

How to find your signature scent.

We all like to smell good...right? Of course we do, but sometimes finding a perfume that fits your style and personality can be difficult and downright stinky. Don’t you hate the spritzer folks in department stores chasing you around spraying nastiness in your face?! I do. So I am going to tell you the best ways to find your perfect scent.

I happened upon mine by accident. I was walking through an Ulta beauty store with my sister and I stopped at Chanel no 5, I had to try it! So I sprayed some on and was unimpressed, we kept shopping and then went home. I kept smelling something really tasty...I had no idea. I kept asking my mom, “what smells so good?” and then, holy crow, I sniffed my wrists and realized it was me! After working with my body chemistry it turned out that Chanel no 5 was my scent. It really is a testament to not judging the smell on a tester strip, you have to try it on. And remember just because it smells good on a friend doesn’t mean it will smell the same on you. I will never forget shopping with my Aunt Char, we walked by and sprayed on some Calvin Klein Euphoria, gag! It was repulsive, but on my Aunt it smelled perfect, fresh and exotic...on me it smelled toxic and medicinal. So, first rule, don’t judge by first sniff.

scent.001 When trying on perfumes, make sure you are fresh and clean. And just in case it isn’t obvious, don’t wear perfume to the smelling. I suggest going to places like Ulta or Sephora where the sales people tend to leave you alone if you say no thanks. I think it’s a good idea to do research ahead of time, so you can have 4 scents in mind that you must try. By doing some reading before you shop you can also avoid spraying on a scent with notes of smells you hate. If you hate floral smells then you should avoid Britney Spears’ Believe or if you hate amber it’s probably best you don’t use Narciso Rodriguez for her, so on and so forth. So once you know your 4 testers spray one on your left wrist, another on your right wrist and the remaining two on your left and right elbow bit. Make sure you get a direct spray, no cross contamination. Smell each one moments after applying. Make use the coffee beans which should be out on display, they help clear out the previous scent and neutralize your sense of smell before inhaling the next. Genius right!?scent.002 

Now, it’s easy. Wait. Yes, that’s right wait. Give it at least 10-20 minutes before taking your next smell test. And that’s it. Which one smells the best? Purchase and continue to smell delicious. I suggest avoiding any kind of “boxed set” as the lotion and body washes are generally a waste of money because while the smell good in the bottle and while you are lathering them on, but the smell generally doesn’t last. I would rather spend that extra money to buy the good stuff.

scent.003Speaking of “the good stuff” let’s talk about the three different types of perfume and why some cost a lot more. The difference between the three really has to do with the ratio of ethanol or a mixture of water and ethanol to the percentage of actually perfume oil.

The mac daddy is parfum, it has a much higher percentage of aromatic compounds typically 20%. This formula is the most concentrated and long-lasting fragrance. It’s the most pure form of the scent and man is it expensive. You only need a small amount, so this stuff can last a really long time. I think that a fancy bottle of parfum can be a delightful treat for special events, like your wedding!!!

The next step down is eau de parfum, which has a lower percentage of aromatic compounds around 15%. This is what I consider the most used type of parfum. The price is much easier to digest and I think the most reasonable of the three and what the average women buys. It is very close in smell to the higher concentrated parfum, but still not as strong.

The step below is eau de toilette spray, which is lighter and is used more like an all over body spray. The percentage of aromatic compounds is only around 5%. You still get the aroma, but it’s more appropriate for a spritz before you head to the grocery store or when you need a quick pick me up.

So, I hope that this has demystified the world of perfume and made you a little bit more comfortable with shopping for your perfect scent.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t be the stinky kid in one likes the stinky kid.

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The Savannah Wedding Planner said...

I did the same thing with CoCo Channel's Mademoiselle! Hated it at first..then fell in love on the way out of the store 20 mins later. LOVE IT!

Shari said...

Great post Lauren. I'm still trying to find the perfect scent for myself and I run a small online website selling fragrances :)... I love love love Escada - Sunset Heat, it smells like I have bathed in lollies, but it just doesn't last on me and I don't get any comments about it (possibly because it hasn't lasted). I will just keep trying them all on until I have THE one!!
Thanks again Lauren.