Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thank you to our amazing 2009 couples!

We loved every minute of the 2009 wedding season, but most of all, we fell madly in love with our memorable and inspiring couples! We just wanted to take some time and “thank you” for trusting the most important day of your lives to us! Our memories of each of you and your weddings will last a lifetime in our hearts and minds. Every time we talk about them and look at pictures, we smile knowing we were able to make your planning process and more importantly, your wedding day, all you envisioned it to be and more. To It is going to be a hard year to emulate but, I am sure that our couples for next year will be just as memorable and fun!

Thank you again for an incredible year….and here’s to an incredible next year. We love you all!

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 Savannah Wedding

Courtnie and Jon

March 14, 2009 


Savannah Wedding

Lauren and  Greg

April 4, 2009

Savannah Wedding

Savannah Wedding

Kristin and  Payson

April 4, 2009

savannah wedding

Savannah Wedding

Erika and  Berry

April 5, 2009 

Alex Smith Wedding

Savannah Wedding

Alex and Chad

April 25, 2009 

wedding couple

Hilton Head Wedding

Sam and  Tyler 

May 9, 2009

savannah wedding

Savannah Wedding

Marriane and  Carl

May 23, 2009 


Savannah Wedding

Jessica and Seth

May 24, 2009

Savannah Wedding

Savannah Wedding

Miranda and John

June 6, 2009  

trinity methodist

Savannah Wedding

Christen and  Matt

June 13, 2009 

Pink, Orange and Green Bouquet

Savannah Wedding

Christine and  Erik

July 11, 2009

Meredith And Brandon

Pembroke Wedding


August 1, 2009 

vivien and todd

Savannah Wedding

Vivien and  Todd

August 15, 2009 


Savannah Wedding

Meilin and  Ray

September 19, 2009

Jekyll Island Wedding 1

Jekyll Island Wedding

Kelly and  Robby

September 26, 2009

Ford Plantation Wedding

Richmond Hill Wedding

Stefany and  Ethan 

October 10, 2009

Savannah Wedding Forsyth

Savannah Wedding

Kate and  Jamey

October 24, 2009

Susan and Eric Savannah Weddings 

Savannah Wedding

Susan and  Eric

November 1, 2009 Kehoe House Wedding

Savannah Wedding

Melissa and  Jeff

November 14, 2009


Erika Harmon said...

I'm over a month late on this post but thanks so much for all you did. You did an excellent job!