Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is a Wedding Planner right for you?

image It is true that not every couple or every budget is a good fit for hiring a wedding planner. But the question most debated is just that. So I thought I would ask a few questions to help readers determine the right answer for them and their wedding. 

Ask yourself the following questions and track your answers:

  • You don’t have 250+ additional work hours to devote to research, meetings, phone calls, etc. on top of your work schedule and in substitution for your free time, do you?
  • You don’t have a friend/family member/contact in the area you wish to marry in, that will have the inside scoop as to who the best and most reliable vendors are?
  • Does the decision making process slow and sometimes tedious when more than one person is contributing input?
  • Do you have to mediate between two or more families when it will come to wedding details?
  • Do you stress easily?
  • Does you need some help pulling together a fluid and precise design aesthetic?
  • Do you want to relax and enjoy the wedding planning process?
  • Would you like someone besides yourself or a family member to focus on the details of the wedding day?

If you have answered “Yes” to more than 2 of these questions, then hiring a wedding planner might be the best route for you to ensure your are relaxed throughout the entire process and making the most of your time! This day in age time is money…and you don’t want your job or your wedding to suffer.

My professional opinion as a wedding planner/design and a past bride myself, is that the LEAST you should gift yourself, is a person to run the wedding day and finalize details. We offer our clients “WEEK OF” planning services during OFF SEASON months, where we come in one month prior and tie up loose ends, create timelines and run the wedding day. There are other planners that offer this service year round and I highly recommend you make room in your budget for peace of mind!

While not every package or wedding planner offers the same services, be rest assured there is someone for everyone. Maybe if you cannot afford a full service package, but you know that if you had a good head start on the right vendors in the area and ensuring someone to finalize details and run the day, will work for your budget.