Tuesday, May 19, 2009

with ways to keep your guests talking….

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As I have mentioned in pasts blogs and if you know me….I say this all the time…”Southern hospitality is only as hospitable as you make it!” So, with that said, you always want to be the hostess with the mostess, especially on your wedding day! Your guests come from far away to share in your special day and you want them to feel just as special as you do (well we can fib a little…you OF COURSE are supposed to feel the MOST special) but I am digressing . After a long day of festivities, dancing, and drinking, you want to send your guests home with a little memento from you and your new hubby to help with a few things:

goodbye treats for guests1. Their empty bellies-if your reception food was served at the beginning of the reception (which most are) then more than likely after dancing and drinking your guests will be hungry. Give them something they can munch on, on the way back to their hotels. Maybe donuts, boiled peanuts (very SOUTHERN), serve milk and cookies in a unique way with shot glasses or martini glasses with a cookie served on the side like a lemon,

2. Their hangover-Now I have seen a number of weddings in my day…and I have to tell you that sometimes, guests can drink more than they can stand the next day. Soooo, why not offer a hangover kit as they leave! All you need is aspirin, bottled water, maybe an eye mask to sleep, hot tea for the morning, and some carby items to fill their stomachs with. They will thank you later!

3. The morning after-Why not give your guests something they can enjoy the next day for breakfast if you are not hosting a brunch. Make your own granola and include a recipe and instructions, donuts, pastries, instant coffee, fresh fruit and a juice..the possibilities are endless! (and so is the cute packaging!)


If your guests are happy….then you will be happy! Be the talk of your family and friends for years to come…by how much you made THEM feel important on YOUR day! It is soooo worth it!


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