Thursday, May 28, 2009

with MY wedding years ago! Part 1-Advice

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Since yesterday was my anniversary, I thought I would share some pictures (on the next post) and thoughts from my wedding. I get asked all the time, “What was your wedding like?”…..and to be honest….it wasn’t anything elaborate. We did spend a lot of time and money taking care of our guests since so many of them travelled from so far to share in our special day. But, just like any wedding, it did have it’s own hiccups. Well, some were more of gasps than others! I was sewn into my dress only 1 hour before my wedding (the zipper separated from the back) complete with blood and tears! I passed out in the limo, due to overheating and woke up with my shoes off and my dress above my head. A tornado swept through two streets over only 45 minutes before the ceremony. SCARY! And then we lost the photographer (by no fault of hers-but the limo drivers) on our way to take pictures. But really…it was the BEST day of my life.

I do have a few regrets and of course each time I plan a wedding I always think, “Oh I wish I could get married again…I would do this….” so here are just some of those regrets and some suggestions based on my own wedding that I would like to pass onto you.

1. See each other before the ceremony. It allows for more time for those great shots alone and then you can enjoy  your guests and the cocktail hour too. It also alleviates stress for those in the wedding and the photographer. Because we tried to fit it all in after the ceremony, we only had 2 pictures of my husband and I alone and only 1 of myself alone. I wish I had many more of those!

2. Pick a gown that is timeless. I only got married a number of years ago but already, I feel like my dress is out of date and a “what was I thinking” moment. Trendy is fun, but your pictures are going to be around for MANY years…..

3. EAT! Sit down and make time to enjoy your own reception. My husband and I were so busy going around talking with our guests, that we missed out on our own meal and we were starving by midnight. Even if you forgo an activity to allow you time to eat…trust me it is worth it. And some of my past couples will tell you..this is a pet peeve of mine and I insist that you do this. I will guard you from pictures and guests to ensure you eat!

4. DANCE! The more you and your husband are having on the dance floor, the more your guests will join you. I see so many weddings where no one dances and it is sad. The bride and groom feel like no one is having a good time..but honestly, if you are having a good time and your guests see that, then they too will join in. We had a packed dance floor all night! And to this day…I get comments on the rockin party we threw.

5. Really take the time to remember the most precious moments. Take a moment like your first dance, close your eyes, and go over it over and over in your head while you are dancing.…because….this day goes by so very fast, and before you know it, those small things that mean the most, are lost in your memory.

I have many more..but these are the ones that stick out. Don’t lose sight of the true meaning to why you are having a wedding. Sure, it may rain, a tux might not fit perfectly, flowers might not be exactly what you had in mind, but you are marrying the person you love surrounded by all your friends and family. So take a deep breath and enjoy every moment…even the not so fun ones!


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