Friday, May 1, 2009

with sleeved wedding dresses!

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How to wear a dress with sleeves and not look like a grandma.

Sleeves.001 Are visions of the 80’s floating through your head? Well, stop! The 80’s are long gone when it comes to sleeved wedding dresses. Designers are really doing amazing things with sleeves and none of them will be something you end up regretting. I hate these little bolero things I see brides wear to cover up not so toned arms, paired with a strapless dress there always seems to be this piece of back fat that gets trapped into between the two fabrics...not sexy. Sleeves are sexy and are definitely my preferred method of camouflaging sagging arms. Now less than fab arms are not always the reason to cover up, some churches require a little more coverage and this doesn’t mean you need to look like a prude. Sleeves don’t need to equal matronly.

Sleeves.002  Like with any wedding gown, fit is super important when shopping for dresses with sleeves, too large and you can look dumpy, too small and you can look like a stuffed sausage. When rocking a cap sleeve fit really matters, you want the sleeve to graze the skin, not pull on it, which can even make Madonna’s arms look bad. Have I mentioned fit? I just can’t tell you how important this is! Sleeves made of sheer fabrics are very common and a great idea. They cover and pull things in, while still be light and easy. I am a huge fan of the structured sleeve such as the Vineyard Collection’s gown Jules. This dress is so super sexy while remaining unbelievably sophisticated, add a crazy thick necklace made of bright semi-precious stones, like pink quartz and you have a look that is super hip, yet ladylike and proper. When looking at retro styles like, the Manuel Mota for Pronovias gown, you get the super slimming silhouettes of the fifties tweaked with a bit of modern chicness. Chicness is a word by the way...or at least the MacBook says so. Sleeves.003 Fall in love with a strapless gown? It is definitely possible for most designers to add cap sleeves to their strapless creations. I know for sure that Priscilla of Boston and Melissa Sweet do this and I am certain that most designers will do the same. When shopping for gowns with sleeves there is no need to sacrifice style. You can find dresses that evoke Grace Kelly or gowns that are completely modern. Every dress style you can think of comes with sleeves, so whether you are after a ball-gown, A-line, or mermaid skirt you can absolutely find them all. Sleeves.004

Until we meet again, stay bridal and stay away from any sleeves that look like lace straightjackets.


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