Friday, May 29, 2009

with Lauren’s 10 most Favoritest Gowns and how to wear them best.

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Well, mostly because I am so awesome I thought I would share with you my 10 favorite wedding designs. I hope to offer some insight into who these dresses are most suited for as well as what type of occasion the dresses would fit. I think my style is divulged a bit in my list, opting for mostly traditional shaped gowns and keeping the mermaid skirts at bay. I like hints of trendy mixed with classic silhouettes. Experimenting with fashion is super fun, I encourage it, I live it, maybe one day I will even share with you the pleather legging debacle...BUT your wedding day is not the day to try it. You never want to regret your choice, so unless the trend is 100% you, save it for the red carpet.

Disclaimer: Priscilla of Boston and Melissa Sweet have an unfair advantage with me, I used to work for that horrid company and have pretty much tried on every gown they have. They “let me go”, but that’s okay, when I would work late without a manager I would sit at the front desk in a 12,000 dollar gown with a tiara on my head, so take that Corporate, I’m not bitter. matter how bitter I am I can’t deny that they design and make stellar wedding gowns. With that said, let the list begin.

  MyFavorites.005 10.Designer: Lela Rose

Style: The Boathouse

Fabric: Silk/Cotton Faille

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This: A bride who isn’t afraid to show off her curves. This bride’s style is relaxed and classic with a hint of trendy.

Event Type: Great for an outdoor afternoon wedding.

9.Designer: Priscilla of Boston

Style: 4011

Fabric: Embroidered Alencon Lace & Silk Satin

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This: Anyone who wants to look slimmer and everybody! This bride’s style is traditional thru and thru.

Event Type: Very fitting for an afternoon church wedding and evening reception.

8.Designer: Judd Waddell

Style: Contact Designer

Fabric: Pea de Soie

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This: A bride looking to camouflage hips and butt, while still showing off a slim midsection. This bride’s style walks the line of classic and modern. Think Cinderella and Carrie Bradshaw.

Event Type: This dress is amazing because it would be appropriate for a black tie affair as well as a garden wedding. love it!

MyFavorites.0047.Designer: Kenneth Pool

Style: k321

Fabric: Silk Jersey

Price: Absolutely Insane

Who Should Wear This: A bride who isn’t afraid of being modern and sparkly. This bride’s style is sexy and on trend. The draping on the bodice can boost a tiny bust, while the draping on the skirt slims hips.

Event Type: I love this dress for a semi-formal beach wedding.

6.Designer: David’s Bridal

Style: P9345

Fabric: Taffeta

Price: An Unbelievable Steal of a Deal

Who Should Wear This: A bride with curves who is very secure in her shape and preferably tall, there is a break at the knee and on petite brides it cuts them in half, trust me. This bride’s style is chic and budget friendly.

Event Type: This is another awesome gown that is just as perfect for backyard soirées as it is for formal destination weddings.

MyFavorites.0035.Designer: Oscar de la Renta

Style: 92N12

Fabric: Marquisette & Guipure lace with Silk Tulle

Price: Absolutely Insane

Who Should Wear This: A bride who wants to show off her teeny tiny waist and hide her bottom half. This bride’s style is super funky with a hint of tradition.

Event Type: This dress is perfectly suited for a sexy loft wedding.

4.Designer: Watters Brides

Style: 1039B

Fabric: Taffeta

Price: Almost Reasonable

Who Should Wear This Dress: A bride with a large chest will love these thick straps to hoist the girls upwards. This bride’s style is modern and clean, not fussy.

Event Type: I think this dress would be great for an outdoor evening bash, perfect for dancing.

MyFavorites.0023.Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Style: Vivienne

Fabric: Silk Satin Organza

Price: Absolutely Insane

Who Should Wear This Dress: A bride who wants to stand out. This dress is great for boyish figures, really creating the allusion of curves. This bride’s style is straight up Carrie Bradshaw, trendy and groundbreaking.

Event Type: This dress calls for a big event, so any super formal wedding, indoor or outdoor, will do.

2.Designer: Amsale

Style: ?

Fabric: Silk Faille

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This Dress: This is another standout dress. This is a pear-shaped girls best friend. This bride’s style is clean and trendy. This bride is also not worried about people asking her when the baby is due.

Event Type: A trendy, modern big city affair would be perfect.

Designer: Melissa Sweet

MyFavorites.0011.Style: Dora

Fabric: Dotted Organza

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This Dress: Well, ME in my dreams! Isn’t it beautiful? This sweetheart neckline is amazing for enhancing a small bust and the A-line skirt is wonderful for hiding squat deprived backsides. This bride’s style is romantic and fun.

Event Type: This gown is perfect for a Savannah wedding. The light fabric is perfect for the hot Georgia sun.

I like to look beyond the everyday when looking at gowns. So a word of advice, beware of the dress in the ads. Everyone and their sister has worn it. When we were selling gowns we would try and tell you that it isn’t overdone, but we were lying. We had three published brides all in the same Melissa Sweet gown. eck. Be original and find a gown that not only fits your body, but suits your personality, it’s a surefire way to be beautiful and comfortable on your big day.

So until we meet again, stay bridal and listen to me, I totally know what I’m talking about ;)


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