Friday, May 15, 2009

with dressing for your rehearsal dinner

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How to look smoking hot and virginal at your Rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.001   Perhaps I took it to the extreme, but I rocked white all wedding weekend long. So my first instinct is to tell you to find a comfy white dress to don on the night before your wedding. There Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.002are so many options to choose that it is just a matter of finding the right dress for your occasion. A satin gown isn’t quite right to wear to a crab bake in your parents backyard, but an eyelet sundress would be perfect. Have fun with your rehearsal dinner outfit, if your wedding gown is super traditional why not funk it up and wear something fun and trendy or is your wedding gown a little racy then opt for a prim and proper white dress.

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.003If you choose to wear some color do it in style. Find a gown that fits your dinner and keeps you the center of attention. I found affordable patterned dresses everywhere from Anthropologie to Etsy, so just put a bit of time in and you can find something super stylish at a great price. When wearing color I suggest finding a dress with personality that will really help you to stand out, you are the bride, it's all about you, right?Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.005

I also like the idea of separates that you can where again and again. For a nice casual dinner, I selected a pair of lightweight linen trousers paired them with a simple pale pink tank. I threw in a fun sparkly necklace and a rocking pair of salmon colored sandals to really give the outfit a stylish pop. During the warmer months, you can mix and match your pieces and you will totally get your money’s worth for every piece. For a fun and funky dinner, perhaps at trendy restaurant, I choose a chic pleated skirt and once again paired it with an easy and cheap tank. The outfit once again is all about the accessories, edgy gladiators and fun bangles complete the look.

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.004The most important thing is being comfortable and if you are going to eat like a champion find an outfit loose around the midsection. I suggest eating, always. Our dinner was at a popular restaurant in Savannah, The Pirate’s House, where our guests dined on every Southern yummy you can think of. Word of advice, I ate like a king, but I did my best to steer clear of anything too salty and drink gallons of water, bloating is not cool.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and look hot all wedding weekend long!


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