Friday, May 8, 2009

with how to rock pockets on your big day.

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I don’t know about you, but when I go to try on a dress I always get super excited when I find that they it has pockets. I can’t explain it, but I seriously want to hug everyone. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to spend your wedding day? Floating on a cloud, hugging people, with snacks and face blotting papers in your pocket no-one can stop you. I have no idea why, but gowns with pockets tend to give the ladies better posture, it has to have something to do with throwing your shoulders back while your hands are nestled in the pockets. Pockets also rock because they are just as awesome in a sweet cotton sundress as they are in the most formal satin ball gown. Ever sense Sandra Bullock rocked her navy Angel Sanchez on the red carpet, I have been obsessed with this look and so is most of Hollywood. Take note of the proportions that celebrities choose to wear this trend and rock it hard!CelebPockets.001

I love the overall silhouettes of gowns with pockets which tend to be fitted  bodices and A-lines or large ball gown skirts, a mondo-flattering style for the hippy or in my case, the assy. If you have very broad shoulders I would look for pockets in a slimmer skirt. Now, if a gown is slightly more fitted, beware, because pockets can emphasize the hip. Honestly, I don’t mind this because it is obviously a pocket and not your hip and this fit would actually help to balance a broad shoulder. You see? Everyone can wear pockets! I really can’t say enough good things about gowns with pockets, I love them. They are a trend that is super chic and fun, but will never be something to regret.Pockets.002

Why not give your bridesmaids pockets? Trust me they will be more willing to spend the dough if they like the dress and no-one on the planet hates pockets. They are fun and provides you with a bunch of extra people to hold junk for you. Many designers have hopped on the pocket bandwagon, Priscilla of Boston has a ton of cute options at decent prices. Also, don’t rule out the mall, I would guess that 40% of the cocktail dresses on the department store floor have pockets. Do you like how I just grabbed that number out of thin air? It took me a good two and a half minutes to determine that number, so please appreciate my time ;)  Pockets.003

Until we meet again, stay bridal and keep your pockets full of snacks and blotting sheets...what? I’m greasy.


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