Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ask Morgan: Transportation for guests

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trolleys bethesda Q: I have heard that getting around in Savannah, GA might be difficult for my guests and that the parking is minimal. Is this true? If so, what would you suggest we do to prevent guests from getting lost or missing our wedding? –Hostess with the Mostess

A: LOVE YOUR NICK NAME! I think all couples should consider themselves a hostess when it comes to their wedding…but that is a different question. Maybe next week!?

To answer your question….Yes, Yes, and YES! I have to be honest…just the other day I went down a one way street the wrong way and it isn't like I have never been on that street before…in fact, I have a million times…followed the day up with a ticket for not feeding my meter on time. Imagine that! If you live in Savannah or have travelled there know exactly what I mean. Savannah is a beautiful city but for travelers driving and seeing the sites, it is a nightmare to find parking and navigate the roads. Almost every wedding we do, we provide guests with trolleys to transport them from their hotels to the ceremony and/or reception sites. If your guests are all over town, have them meet at one location. The parking garages downtown will offer discounted rates for a large group. The trolley companies offer many different options. Most are a minimum of 2 hours on their service but they hold 41 passengers. Sometimes, if they have enough time, they can make multiple trips so if you had 200 guests attending, you can use 2 trolleys and have them make 2 trips. They are the most inexpensive option there is for moving these mass numbers and not to mention, they know their way around town…(no getting lost) and they might even take the scenic route and show your guests why you decided to marry in the most romantic city in the nation! (OK I’M BIAS….a little). When I got married in Charleston, I rented a large tour bus…which is also an option…but not as charming and a little more expensive. Then at the end of the night….if you don't want to keep the trolley all night, try having a few pedi-cabs lined up and waiting to take your guests back to their hotels.

Let’s all vow to never give Savannah another parking ticket fee! (now I am off to pay my last one!)


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  1. lauren lanza osiasMay 6, 2009 at 7:02 PM

    we used a trolly at our wedding in savannah and it made travel from columbia square to the hyatt so much easier. guests parked at the hotel and took trollies to the ceremony and then back to the reception. i loved it. they were so romantic and fun.