Thursday, March 5, 2009

“ For Goodness Cake!”


Our newest employee,  Holly K., wanted to share her take on today’s wedding cake trends….and her next blog will mostly focus on ways for a bride & groom to bring a personalized style using unique ideas in their wedding!

To most, their wedding cake is THE show stopping centerpiece to their wedding reception. Don't be afraid to think out of the box. Spring is in the air! With the use of bright colors that compliment the season, don't be afraid to liven your wedding cake in the same way! You can do this by adding colorful flowers or even fruits to each tier.

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Centerpiece cakes are a great conversation starter and are an alternative to flower centerpieces. cake centerpieces blog

Cakes are a fantastic way to display the theme of your wedding.

This bride worked with her baker to come up with this very bold creative twist on her theme of the bird and the branch. I really applaud their use of color.


Now a days, you can even choose to forgo the classic 4 tiered wedding cake, and ask yourself “Why not cupcakes?” Cupcakes can be great for any brides personality. They are a great way to keep it simple, or liven it up. cupcake wedding tower

Along these same lines are mini-cakes. There is nothing more dramatic than a miniature version of your wedding cake. They are more expensive than cupcakes, but they can be in lieu of guests favors and reduce the amount of wedding cake you need. mini wedding cakes

If you are looking to be on trend, check out this Black and White floral print cake. You can tie this pattern in on the linens, invites, even place cards! This just screams sleek, sophisticated, with a hint of vintage inspiration. Don't be afraid to add a little color to this new black and white color scheme, fuchsia is a great color that really pops and adds some fun.



Happy Eating!

Holly K.


A note from Morgan:

Your wedding cake should be a statement of who you and your fiancĂ© are  and what you want your wedding to say to your guests. In my mind…you should never skimp on a few areas of your wedding…and this timeless tradition is definitely one of them! Look for the follow up to this post on timeless and symbolic wedding cakes next week….




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