Friday, March 13, 2009

with fashionable footwear!

Feisty Fashionista,

How to choose fashionable shoes that don't make your feet hurt just thinking about them.

Who is it that said, "thou shalt wear nasty ugly shoes on your wedding day?" Comfortable does not always equal orthopedic and there is nothing sadder than a beautiful bride with chunky dyeable heels on her french manicured toesies. There is no longer a need to dye your shoes to the perfect shade of ivory, it is super chic these days to change it up and wear some color. Is pink your favorite color? Simple, wear pink shoes, I did, four inch Charles Davids. Metallics are also very popular for your big day, everything from gold, silver, bronze, and champagne. There is nothing sassier than a metallic high heel.

poure la victore $292 (2)guess by marciano trish $149 95

kenneth cole reaction $79  pierre dumas rose $49

If  you are thinking that heels sound painful, well it's true, they are, but thankfully the delightful folks at Foot Petals have invented everything you can think of to make heels more comfortable. Band-Aid and Bodyglide both make an anti-blister stick, you just rub it on your foot where a blister is most likely to occur and it completely prevents it. They are amazing and I should know because I have the lowest threshold for pain imaginable, but boy-oh-boy do I love high heels. Another tip: if you love super high heels, search for a shoe with a platform, so you get the height without the stress on your arch. Stuart Weitzman Bridge 375calvin klein solaine $139 95

And if that still isn't enough, most of Cole Haan's heels use Nike Air technology which are super cushy.

 cole haan huarache air sandal $328 (2) cole haan bridal ceci air rose sling $428

Oprah wears them and if Oprah wears them then they have to be amazing, right? I love her...Back to the subject. Cole Haan also has a new bridal collection that uses the Nike Air technology, which is comprised of 8 dyeable silk satin shoes, while a bit pricey, they are pretty enough that you would actually want to dye them black or gray after the big day and get your money's worth. If after all of that information you still hate heels, well, don't wear them!  Flats and low wedge sandals are everywhere and they are so stinking fabulous, plus you can pack them and wear them on the honeymoon. Well, when you are indeed wearing shoes...or anything else.

Monica $205 Frye Margot Studded Sandal $168

If you are really petite I don't advise flats, you want to look long and lean in your gown and heels really do make a difference. Wear a wedge sandal if you really can't take the pain. This style works particularly well for a beach or garden wedding, no heels sinking into the sand.

 jimmy choo $395



And if you are hesitant to spend lots of money on your shoes, that is even more reason to buy something with re-wearability. Plus, every time you wear them you will be brought back to your special day.

 bcbgmazazria mirna $198 cole haan huarache air sandal $328 (2)


Don't forget to break your shoes in before your wedding day. Wear them to work, take the dog for a walk, or even vacuum the whole house in them. You can figure out what extra padding you will need and also get some practice walking in heels.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and avoid all things lucite and orthopedic.