Monday, March 2, 2009

with untraditional calligraphy… and sassy!

As part of my dedication to blogging….I wanted to start featuring vendors and an insight into their craft. Maybe some tips and ideas every so often….soooooo my first vendor is one of my calligraphers that I love…..Jennifer…(who offers our clients an exclusive discount!!!) and this is what she wanted to share….

All about Jennifer!

Frank and JenJennifer Borkowski Designs

Years in Business: 1


Services Offered: Calligraphy, Custom Handmade Cards & Invitations

General price range for services:

Wedding Invitation Sets $2.50 and up

Flat fold cards & monogram thank you notes 6 for $10.00

Hand drawn Cards, my custom designed girl $3.00 ea or 4 for $10.00

My Calligraphy...
Modern, Classic, Elegant, and even a little funky!!! Check it out...


Why calligraphy……

It is fabulous, impressive, and the ultimate way to announce that your wedding invitation has arrived! Remember your invitation is the first glimpse at your wedding!!!


So you ordered these FABULOUS, expensive invitations...there is no better compliment than having them addresses in calligraphy. On the flip side, calligraphy can REALLY dress up a modest, more simple, less expensive invitation.
   2008 designs 142

Hand Calligraphy vs. Computer?
Computers are great, they really are. For addressing though...there is no comparison. Maybe it is tradition or good taste, but hand addressed invitations are first class all the way. You WILL be surprised at just how many compliments you will get. It will be some of the best money that you spend.


In my own humble opinion…knowing that your invitations set the tone to your wedding…who wouldn’t want to compliment it with something so original and unique…and with some of Jennifer’s designs..that is exactly what you get!