Wednesday, March 25, 2009

with southern hospitality! Part 1

Want a great idea that will really personalize your wedding and treat your guests our southern hospitality? If you have ever been to Savannah, GA during the spring/summer, you know it gets hot and humid it can get. If your wedding ceremony is taking place in one of our beautiful squares, gardens, or any outside venue, then you might want to have some refreshments for your guests to enjoy during or after the ceremony. (Minus the fun cappuccino-I just thought that was a cute idea!) You can personalize the drinks with your wedding colors, custom straws and drink stirrers with your monogram, or have your initial drawn in the cappuccino's froth! It is OK to offer these drinks in the non-alcoholic version for those non-drinkers and children! BTW-the popsicles-they are MARGARITA popsicles! Easy to do and you can probably do just about any cocktail mixture in these! HOW UNIQUE! I wouldn’t mind one of these to help cool off! fun wedding drinks

Pictures from left to right: Naziehah Blog, Mason Jar Cocktails {Jupiter Images},  Ice Cubes {Sweet Paul}, Margarita Popsicles {Liquorous}, Herb Companion and Stock photos