Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ask Morgan: Garter and Bouquet tradition-to keep or “toss”

Copy of adam

Q: Do  I have to have a bouquet and garter toss? I just think it is very old fashioned and  we don’t have many single gals or guys coming to the wedding. It might look kind of funny with just one person! –Tossing Tradition

A: Tossing Tradition-You are right…it is awkward if there aren't any warm bodies to receive these items and some single guests just don't want to participate!  There is nothing written in stone that says you must do either! Some of the more laid back and non-traditional wedding I have done, do not have both or either. To be honest…I have never heard a guest question why they didn't happen. From a planners aspect, it allows for more dancing and less stopping and starting to the festivities. If your guests are having a good time dancing…you really don't want to stop them to do this…they might not start back up again!

However, in the event there are those couples that want to keep (somewhat) in the traditions, here are some alternatives to the bouquet toss:

  • Give it to the longest married couple. You can honor them by doing an anniversary dance. The DJ/Band will go up in years and ask couples to leave the dance floor if he passes the number of years they were married. The last couple on the dance floor can be honored by giving the wife your bouquet and maybe dancing to their wedding song.
  • Maybe you want to acknowledge someone who has been the  most influential role model in your life? Take the mic and say a few words on why this person is being given your bouquet.
  • Before the guests arrive, have your wedding planner place a tag under the chair/plate/glass of one guest. Then half way through the reception, have the DJ/Band announce to the guests that each person should look in that spot to see if they are taking home the bride’s bouquet.
  • Give them both to the most newly engaged couple in the room!

But truly……PLAIN AND SIMPLE, you don't have to have one!