Thursday, March 12, 2009

with lapel art…day 2.


To continue our love for “out of the box” /”non-floral” boutonnieres…I wanted to end this 2 part blog with some really unique ideas. 

Feather Fanatics:

A vintage themed wedding is making a strong come back, and nothing compliments vintage more than feathers! Keep in mind that feathers can come in almost any color, shape, or variation! Not to mention there are so many ways to show them off throughout your reception- (Incorporated in your centerpieces, accents on a guest’s napkin, tied onto your favor box, etc)  And if you are looking for some bouquets that compliment these fabulous bouts’ then visit Eplume. or Leah C. . Third picture from InStyle.

feather bouts

Organic options:

Don’t be afraid to ask your florist if they have alternative “Flower” choices. Billy Balls and bleached bark are just some texturally unique options!

 nonfloral bout

Bead Inspired:

How cute is this????? I ran across a bead book in Michaels the other day and I had to get it! It had amazing directions for how to make beaded flowers…..I am in the process of making a flower now and will turn it into a wrist corsage (I hate that word-we need to come up with another one-it reminds me of bulky and baby’s breath when they can really be dainty and chic) for bridesmaids. There are so many different ways to do beaded pieces….you don’t have to create flowers of out can just make jeweled sprays ( I am doing one at home I will post on a DIY topic) And you can use ANY COLOR Beads and this is a keepsake and pull double duty once the wedding is over. (hair piece on a little band??) LOVE IT!

beaded bout

Hobby Lobby:

Now for the show stopper and jaw dropper….maybe your beau loves to sail, plays in a band, or has is super stealthy on the crochet lawn…..then get a load of these bad boyz!  Erin Rosenow has custom created many different boutonniere for groom’s across the US. If you think it….she can do it! After all ladies…this is your dear husband-to-be’s version of your bouquet…nothing says you can’t get really creative with it!

personalized bouts

Did i leave something out? Or do you have another great idea you want share with others? Let us know by leaving a comment or email me at