Friday, May 28, 2010

How to give your bridesmaids a gift they will love.


I am a terrible gift giver. I’m more of a pay for dinner girl. I always fear that my style won’t match up, so when it came time to give my girls great gifts I froze! Not to fear. I was able to come up with a great idea and so can you. These girls are your bestest best friends... hopefully. So here is a list of great ideas with varying price tags.

gifts.001    1. Something Personalized. I found the cutest robes and had them embroidered in my wedding color with their initials. It was sweet and fun, and I liked the idea of them cuddling up in their robes and remembering who gave it to them. It could also be cute to personalize a beach bag or large carryall. Wonderful personalized linen stationery! I think when they see that you took the time to go and have the item monogrammed it says something about the thought you put in to it.

gifts.0022. Jewelry. Now, this can get pricey, but can really be something special. It can also be a nice way to have the girls all in the same jewelry for the big day. sneaky. I like something simple. Try and think of pieces that these girls will wear often. If they hate gold, get them silver. I love Tiffany’s, it’s one of my favorite places to be, it can be super expensive, but I swear their are reasonably priced options! Just stay away from the tag collection, you don’t even want to know the mark up on those things. Look at the delicate pieces. Also, check out Etsy! This place is ah-mazing and you literally can find ANYthing that you could ever possibly want. It can be overwhelming, but look up specifics. I’m also digging stella and dot, a super cute jewelry line sold a la pampered chef. My sister-in-law is a rep and this stuff rocks! You can do an adorable 18inch gold chain and letter charm for around 60 dollars.

gifts.0033. Luxurious pieces. Think about things that your girls would love, but would never buy for themselves. Like a real cashmere pashmina. Or maybe a super soft Splendid cardigans. The softer the better.

gifts.0044. Product Frenzy. I am obsessed with products, so it can be an ah-mazing gift to fill a bag or basket with tons of wonderful stuff. You can do bath products, oils, lotions, a fancy candle, body scrub, and etc. Or you could do makeup, think eye shadow, mascara, lips, cheeks, the whooole shebang! Pick products that flatter your girl individually. Shopping for this is just the most fun! You can use to get everything in one place. LOVE this idea.

Now, I think that presentation is almost as fun as the actual present. So, think about it, make it a part of the gift. I stuffed my robes into matching beach bags, with a pair of flip flops and a little note for all of them. Just have fun with it. I love putting the gifts in bags or boxes/baskets that can be used again. Go to craft stores to find great deals on baskets/boxes.

Have fun! You really want to show your girls you love and appreciate them. Give from the heart.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and please, don’t give gift cards for gifts. it’s the most depressing gift ever.


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