Monday, July 26, 2010

Featured on Style Me Pretty: Mock Photoshoot: Southern Boy Marries NY Girl-Part 1 of 2

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Over the years I have seen the photography needs of our clients transform into the main style of photography offered today: photojournalism. But what clients do not understand or might not know, is that there are MANY types/styles of photojournalism. More times than not when I ask my clients what type of photography they would like for their wedding, their short answer is simply “Photojournalism and in the moment shots.” The truth is that it is so broad and almost all photography they look at and like today is just that..the difference lies in the actual individual style of the photographer.

So with that in mind, we wanted to create a shoot that gave couples visual comparisons….

We picked 3 different styled photographers and picked pictures that were the same but different in each photographers style.

The Theme : Southern Savannah Boy marries an Elegant NY Girl

The Colors: Pink, grey and yellow

The Focus: Their profiles the paper products and a southern/northern feel

The Venues: We chose a great loft space, Ballroom on Broughton, that had amazing views of Savannah and had them troll around downtown Savannah for some amazing and INTERESTING shots!

The Attire: Bleubelle Bridal gave us a great Vera Wang gown that just seeped in chic-ness and sophistication and paired it with some great tea length bridesmaid dresses to boast. The groom wore a khaki suit and the groomsmen wore a seersucker suit. They both had to sport the bow tie being from Savannah Ya’ll know!

Below you will find the 3 photographers and their photos in a similar order to compare:

Azelle Photography: Azelle’s style focuses on a high fashion approach to photojournalism they are "looking to tap into the genuine emotions of the day"

 AzellePhotography-Details-045AzellePhotography-BehindScenes-007AzellePhotography-BehindScenes-006 AzellePhotography-Details-013AzellePhotography-Bridals-025AzellePhotography-Bridals-017AzellePhotography-Groups-001AzellePhotography-Groups-008

Geoffs Photos: Geoff’s approach is more of an artistic and complete unobtrusive style

geoffsphotos_067geoffsphotos_001geoffsphotos_003 geoffsphotos_036 geoffsphotos_033 geoffsphotos_038      geoffsphotos_027geoffsphotos_013 geoffsphotos_015

Diana Daley Photography: Diana’s approach epitomizes traditional and romantic

DianaDaley©2010_0114DianaDaley©2010_0012Diana (2)DianaDianaDaley©2010_0167       DianaDaley©2010_0090 DianaDaley©2010_0195 DianaDaley©2010_0261  DianaDaley©2010_0161 DianaDaley©2010_0257

Check back tomorrow for the goods!! Details, Details, details!

Additional Vendors that made this possible:

Hair: Ony Salon

Makeup: Dollface by Jules

Jewelry: Handpicked

Linens: Connie Duglin Linens

Rentals: Savannah Special Events

Additional Photography: Dillon Wilson for Diana Daley Photography

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