Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your first wedding planning weekend-What to expect from Savannah and MG Events!

Welcome to the Hostess City of the South!  image Well you and your husband-to-be have descended on Savannah in order to do a bit of Wedding Planning. You’ve left the scheduling of appointments and confirmation of details to the experts of the MGE Team so I am going to give you a slightly different agenda on how to spend your time with us. And trust me I have spent many an hour combing through Savannah discovering these places.

Chances are it's a weekend and hopefully you were able to get into town on Friday to wind down a little bit before getting to work on Saturday. Keep in mind that vendors work on weekends and most of them take Sunday and Monday off. If you can make it in town on a Thursday night..all the better so you can spend Friday and Saturday attending appointments and leave Sunday to see Savannah! So first, here are a few simple rules of the road for Savannah that will make your visit with us as smooth as 15 year old scotch.

Festivities: Check out the Savannah CVB before you head into town to see what is going on in the area. Savannah is constantly hosting amazing events, shows and festivals and the opportunity to experience more of what Savannah is…the better!


Accommodations: Stay downtown! You can walk just about anywhere you need to go! When you and MG Events have decided on a good weekend or timeframe to come into town for meetings, make sure you let us help you book your room. Because of our long standing relationships in the community and the hotels, we can get corporate and discounted rates at some great downtown hotels! Maybe you would rather the Bed and Breakfast route…well Savannah has no lack of amazingly hospitable B&Bs.

Parking: Generally from Friday evening to Monday morning you are not required to pay for metered parking, just read it to make sure, but I am sure Savannah doubles its annual budget from people paying for parking when they don't have to. OR if you feel more comfortable parking in one of the garages it's fairly inexpensive compared to say Washington DC. If you flew in…just grab a taxi to downtown. Your feet will do the rest and save your wallet the added expense.

Drinking in Public: Yes this is allowed in our fair city. BUT you cannot take glass or bottles with you. Just simply ask the bar keep for a "to go" cup and they will gladly oblige you with a plastic cup for your travels. But PLEASE for the love of our Azaleas and given the fact you do not want to get arrested do not pee in public.

Tomorrow we will talk about some great places to dine, sites that you must see, and hear the planning experiences from Mandy, our August bride…on what she experienced with her first planning weekend in Savannah…

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