Monday, June 7, 2010

Your first wedding planning weekend-What to expect from Savannah and MG Events Part 2-Being an informed tourist!

image Ok got the rules of the road out of the way…you are checked into your hotel so now what. Well honestly, that depends on you and your husband-to-be. If you prefer to stay up all night drinking South Georgia Holy Water and roll into your appointment Saturday morning looking like a refugee well that can be arranged but lets keep it simple so you can enjoy everything this wonderful city has to offer. There is no way to cover all of Savannah in one weekend but this will ensure you make the most of your time!

So what is it about Savannah that's so attractive to everyone? Is it the Spanish moss hanging from the Oaks, perhaps you read "The Book" and want to know about the darker side of Savannah and see Mercer House, well let me tell you there is so much more to our imagecity than that. From beautiful homes and squares to architecture and food. Myself I am a history buff so I would recommend if you are there early enough prior to dinner to go ahead and get on one of the trolley tours, horse and carriage ride, or maybe even try a walking tour with the famous Savannah Dan. Again, take some time to check out Savannah’s CVB website and see what is going on in the area and which museums you might want to visit. (WE HAVE A TON!) Now I know you are thinking I don't want to do that "tourist" stuff, but trust me it's well worth the time. Learn about the city that you are getting married in…the more you know the more you can help your guests understand why you picked Savannah, Georgia to get married in!

 imageFancy a drink? Now there are no shortage of watering holes in  Savannah so it truly depends on your taste. Savannah offer everything from upscale bars to corner street beer joints. My husband prefers Pinkie Masters Lounge because they serve PBR in tall boy cans and take cash only (but they do have an ATM inside), so if you want to step back in history (rumor is Jimmy Carter proclaimed he would run for the Presidency from the bar) with everyone from the bankers to roughnecks and be treated like a lifelong friend this is the place for you. Another few of my favorites are Bay Street Blues and Jen and Friends, Circa 1875, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar and Moon River Brewery to name a few. This really boils down to your taste and idea of a good time, but we are always open to suggestions so tell us your style and we will get you there.

So now is the time you can spend your evening bar hopping or perhaps you want to find out about the "dead" of Savannah and take a Ghost Tour. You can even make it a Haunted Pub Crawl if you want to mix the two, where you visit the most haunted pubs and grab a drink along the way. But don’t grab too many…you have a busy day tomorrow of wedding planning remember! There are many options here, we prefer the walking tour that starts at Clarey's CafĂ© and you get to learn a little more about the city. Or if you are feeling really adventurous then try the Hearse Ghost Tours!!!! image

Ok well that's it for your first evening in Savannah because tomorrow is going to be a busy day of planning your big day so get some sleep and we will cover some great places to grab amazing grub and you will learn all about your meetings and how Mandy, our blogger bride experienced hers.

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