Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Future Savannah Wedding: Meet Johanna and Courtney

Johanna Elsemore and Courtney Tate

Date Engaged

June 6, 2009

Where did you meet? 

Courtney and Johanna met in the fall of 2004 when she was a Freshman and he was Sophomore at Oxford College of Emory University. He swears that they first saw each other at a club fair, but she insists that they were first introduced by a mutual friend.  Regardless, she thought he was pretty cute and he thought she was not so bad herself.  She chased him around for a year or so before they started dating, and they haven't looked back since!

How did he propose? 

He dragged her out of bed to go for an early morning run down by the monuments.  When they got to the Lincoln memorial, he decided he'd like to take some pictures and she saw it as a perfect opportunity to stretch her sore quads.  She got up to go, and next thing she knew he was down on one knee asking her to marry him, and she was saying 'of course!'  They got some nearby tourists to take some mediocre pictures, and then finished their run (her quads stopped hurting!). 
Both of their families were in town for Johanna's birthday and to attend the Humane Society's annual Bark Ball which was also that day, so not only did they get to get to get all dressed up and take some much prettier pictures, but they got to share the special day with their closest family and friends!

When is your wedding date? 

October 2011

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in? 

While in college in Atlanta, they visited the city a number of times and quickly fell in love with the beautiful parks, the Spanish moss, the historic homes, and the amazing Southern food and hospitality.  Savannah is a romantic Southern city with so much history, yet at the same time it has a very distinct and funky personality that they felt was a good fit for them as a couple.

Where do you reside now? 

She is working as a Senate staffer in Washington D.C. and he is finishing his Chemical Engineering  degree at Virginia Tech.

We are looking forward to sharing in this amazing couple’s wedding planning process and wedding. They just glow when they are around each other and their families are such a joy to be around. This is going to be one memorable Savannah wedding!



krissy said...

OMG! Love you guys.

Emilia said...

Congratulations to you both! This page is full of beauty. Many blessings in your future together! I love you both very much! Love, Emi