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How to have a pre-wedding spa day at home!

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Now, I think that we have long established my obsession with all things beauty... but I sometimes get the feeling from friends/family that they think it’s too difficult to do themselves, but trust me, it’s not!!! There are just a few simple steps to go from tired and dull to pre-wedding glow. Here are my go to steps and a few products that I love.

spaday.0011. Run a warm bath. The water shouldn’t be scolding hot, but you want it to be pretty warm. Add the bath salts of your choice.  I like lavender scented, it is totally relaxing!!!! Now while the bath is heating up. Light some candles. Pour some wine. Put on some soft music. You will totally be in a place to relax. Also while the bath fills up, fill a large bowl with the super hot water. Place a hand towel and a few drops of essential oil to the bowl and let sit. Choose whatever oil works with your skin. If you are acne prone, go for tea tree oil, there really is no need to be afraid of oil. It’s just making sure you are using the right one, along with the right balance. I know it can feel “clean” to have the tight feeling after to you cleanse, but trust me that is stripping your skin of super important moisture. HELLO WRINKLES!!! Okay, so right before you are ready to hop in the tub, cleanse your face so you are free of makeup or any other product residue. Using a Clarisonic brush is the best way to get a gentle clean that really gets deep into your pores. It is genius. I am seriously in love. It does cost a pretty penny, but my lord it is sooooooo worth it. All of your products will penetrate and work much better. After you have cleansed, get in and enjoy.

2. Now while in the tub, once the bowl of water with the towel is cool enough to touch and handle, wrap the towel around your face and chillax. The heat from the towel with help soften skin and open pores.

spaday.0023. Remove the towel and it’s time for exfoliation. There are many different ways to do it, whither it’s a chemical or abrasive exfoliant. I prefer chemical exfoliators. ExfoliKate by Kate Sommerville is ah-mazing. Absolutely worth the 85 bucks. With chemical exfoliators all you do is apply it in circler motions in a thin layer all over your face. Let set for 30 seconds or so and using your steam towel and bowl of water simply wipe it off, to reveal softer skin. If you are using an abrasive exfoliant like Sonya Dakar’s Triple Action Organic Scrub, put a small dollop in your hand and mix with a bit of water until it forms a paste then apply to your skin in circular motions starting from the forehead down, finishing with the nose. To remove you would use your towel to wipe off. Always using the clean water from the bowl.

spaday.0034. Now that you are nice exfoliated, I would finish off with a mask aimed at solving your biggest skin problem. It could be a brightening mask like Bliss Triple Action Oxygen mask, or a blemish fighting mask like DDF’s sulfur mask, or a hydrating mask like Fresh Rose Face Mask. Apply your mask per products instructions then once again remove with our handy dandy towel.

5. Okay, so now your face is taken care of. Now that your body is all pruney and moisturized use a loofah or a pair of exfoliating gloves to slough off any dead skin cells. And TA-DA, you just gave yourself a spa experience.

Okay, so that’s it. I mean you will be fresh and ready for bed. You can always add your favorite moisturizer or serum afterwards. But don’t put just anything on your face! I mean I know some of this stuff can get crazy expensive, but sometimes it can be soooo worth it. There are also some drugstore products that are rated higher than luxury brands, so it’s all about what you know. So do your research and check our site like makeup alley or beauty blogs to see what over people have to say about the products you are interested in.

quick tips:

*don’t try products the day, week, hell, month before your wedding. it could end badly.

*don’t try to extract your own blemishes. leave that to a pro. with your skin so soft you will probably only make them more obvious or push the oil back down creating more breakouts. ew.

*do let your future hubby give you a neck/head/foot massage during your spa day fun.

*do have spa days often, while some of the products may be expensive you aren’t using the whole container in one sitting and your spa experience can take as much time as you have.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and my lordy, have I mentioned NOT trying new products right before your wedding!?!? geez, just don’t do it!!!

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