Friday, August 6, 2010

Bridal First Aid.

How to prepare for every emergency on your wedding day.

So, flipping out on your wedding day is not cool. You look insane. It doesn’t matter how awesome and calm you have been up until the big day, but if you loose it wedding day, dude... your a bridezilla. Remember to take deep breaths and be prepared for little mishaps with at well stocked “bridal first aid kit.”

Holy bananas! Some one spilled something on my dress.
No fear, Tide pens are here! Dude these things are genius. I have used them on cotton, silk, wool, polyester, etc. They always work. Tap the pen on the mark and buff away. You can use a soft white washcloth, to dab away and dry faster. If it’s a big spill try the Shout wipes, I’ve never used them, but I have heard that they work well. Problem solved. Always have a stain remover pen/wipe.

What the Duck? I am sweating like a blonde in a spelling bee.
Okay, bad joke... I got it off the a joke site... my go-to sweat joke might be a little colorful for some of you. Onwards. Okay, if you know that you are a sweater invest in some certain dri roll on deodorant. You put it on at night after you shower, it’s tingly and kinda burns, but you won’t sweat that’s for sure. If your gown has sleeves and you are worried about sweat coming through your beautiful silk gown, invest in Hollywood’s Behind the Seams Pretty Underarm Protection. They are little half moon pads that attach to the inside of your sleeve catching all the yummy stain inducing moisture.

What was I thinking? These shoes are killing me!
Foot Petals to the rescue. It’s always great to get the comfy pads for the ball of your feet. I like the cushiony ones over the rubbery gripped ones. If your feet get sweaty the rubber ones really don’t stop you from sliding forward in your shoes, which hurts. If your shoes pinch your heels, use the heavenly heelz. If the straps of your shoes are killing you, pick up the strappy strips. Better to just a pack of each, just in case! These things are killer awesome. There are other brands, but Foot Petals are my favorite. There are cushions for everything. It’s best to wear you shoes beforehand and deck them out with petals before the wedding day, but if not, have them just in case. Band-Aid’s blister block stick is great to use with with the foot petals, it really does keep your shoes from rubbing. It works, I swear!

I have a zit! Are you freaking kidding me!?
OK. breathe. This isn’t the end of the world. While you are getting your hair done, mix a crushed up non-coated aspirin and redness reducing eye drops to make a paste. Apply the paste on the offending zit. It should dry it up while reducing swelling and redness. Before you put your makeup on, wash skin and remove paste. To help cover it, definitely use a moisturizer and primer before you put on your make up. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT add tons of concealer. Apply your makeup to your face the same as you would if you had no offending mark. Before you go to add powder to finish, take a super creamy concealer the same color as your skin, if you go lighter, you are going to draw even more attention to it. With a tiny brush, dap the zit with a very small amount of the concealer. Dap with powder for staying power. Then forget all about it.

HELLO!! I never realized how my tatas hang out of my gown when I move!!!
Two words. FASHION TAPE. This double sided tape by Hollywood is genius. Your ladies will stay nicely in your gown. It’s also nice if straps aren’t staying put, etc. This stuff rocks.

OH NO, I have a run in my hose---- Oh wait, it’s not the 80’s. Don’t wear pantyhose please!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember what the boy scout's say, always be prepared!



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