Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cake Toppers have come a long way!

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So these days cake toppers have come a VERY long way…do you remember when this was the only option out there? BOOOOOOO

imageOf course you can still have a monogrammed cake topper and even sugar paste or real flowers…but why reach out of the box more? Today there are so many unique and personalized options available with a click of a mouse! Etsy is a amazing one stop shop for all things custom and creative. If you want to keep with the traditional wedding couple on top, there is no reason there should be tulle throwing up on your cake…Try something completely personalized to look like you both or maybe with a vintage feel, or completely abstract?

(click on the pictures to take you to their Etsy stores)

imageimage image imageimage

What about something more cute and playful like your favorite animals or childhood memories (come on..who didn't have a sock monkey toy)?

imageimageimage image

Or even share your hobbies and passions with your guests!

 image  image

What are you favorite cake topper finds???


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