Thursday, August 5, 2010

Future Savannah Wedding: Naomi and Roger

Oct2009_Roger Me Dogs Naomi Ward and Roger Lariviere

Date Engaged - July 10, 2010

Where did you meet?

We met on eharmony and have been dating for almost 2 years.

How did he propose?

Hmm… who should tell this story?  Even though we were not engaged Roger and I knew we wanted to get married next year and that you had to start planning early or you wouldn’t get your date.  So we decided one July weekend to go to Savannah to start looking at locations.  Now we had already gone and picked out the ring but we hadn’t received the call to come pick it up before we left.  Or so Roger made me believe when I asked about it in the week leading up to the trip!

When we got to Savannah we decided to have a date night on the Saturday, July 10.  You know go to a fancy restaurant and then may be head over to Tybee Island for a walk on the beach.  We walked over to the Chart House and as soon as we stepped foot in the restaurant, the heavens opened and it started to pour with rain.  I was in a white summer dress so put it this way, it was the longest dinner we’ve ever had.  Over dinner we were debating whether we would be able to go for the walk on the beach and ultimately decided to go rain or shine (after a quick wardrobe change of course :).
As we drove the 12 miles to Tybee Island the rain just kept getting worse and worse.  I asked Roger if we should just turn back, but he was determined that we were going to walk on the beach.  We got to one of the beach access roads and it was still pouring buckets.  So we sat in the car for 40 minutes until the rain let up.  We got out of the car and started to walk along the beach, while I was lamenting on the kids that were trying to surf with no parental supervision, Roger was pulling me down the beach to get away from people. 
So he says to me "You know I love you," and I replied "I love you too."  Then he said "with all my heart," and me "with all my heart too." Then he said "with all my soul," and me "with all my soul."  "Do you know what honey?" "No, what?" So he drops to one knee to which I immediately think he has fallen over and I try to pick him up.  And then I realized what was going on.  Needless to say, I couldn't stop saying YES for about 10 minutes.  So it was worth the rain and the wait.

What is your wedding date?

May 21, 2011

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?

We're getting married in Savannah because we love how much it screams Southern.  We have a lot of family who have never been south of the Mason Dixon and we want to show them what we love about the South.  Location was really important to us and so we're getting married at the Ford Plantation.

Where do we reside now?

We live in Atlanta

Anything interesting about the wedding?

We're goofballs so we wanted to have a little fun with our bridesmaids and throw red herrings every time they ask about their dresses or mine.  So we've told them they will be these ugly screaming yellow dresses with lots of ruffles and once we get to my dress we're going to send them a picture of the most horrid dress we can find.  We've also got a lot of children so we're planning on having a digital caricature artist to entertain them.