Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to resist some wedding week temptations.

So this is a list I compiled over the last week that is here to help you remember not to be dumb. It’s all common sense, buuuuut as we know sometimes we all need to be reminded not to be idiots. 

image Bright Idea: To get a last minute tan.

Why Not? Well, first skin cancer sucks. Second, holy bananas what happens when you get sunburned? A lobster in a wedding dress is not sexy.

Alternative: If you have been spray tanned before, many times, you may have it done by a trusted technician with a formulation you have used before so you know you won’t react funny.

image Bright Idea: To stop eating before your wedding.

Why Not? Passing out on your wedding day is not funny... even though a bunch of people will, in fact, laugh. I would. Also, you have spent all of this time and money on altering your dress and guess what it’s not gonna fit.  So eat dummie!!!

Alternative: You don’t have to eat fried foods or sweets. But eat tons of fresh veggies and lean protein the week before, to stay strong and skinny. The best day of wedding food is a huge smoothie with tons of protein. It kept me going all day. Also, make sure you are hydrated.

image Bright Idea: To do anything drastic with your hair.

Why not? Cause’ that’s what crazy people do!!!! Seriously, you’ve seen the videos of bridezilla going crazy and shaving her head. Just keep your hair normal.

Alternative: Whatever you decide, you better make sure that a professional is working on your hair. A trim or color touchup is totally cool, but don’t turn your jet black hair blonde, you will regret it. Also, don’t hack any length off or do any drastic changes to cut. You should look like you at your wedding.

image Bright Idea: To get a facial days before.

Why not? Well, because you generally breakout and then that causes mad stress and then you breakout more and then if you are like me you cry a lot.

Alternative: If you are getting a treatment that you are very familiar with and know exactly how your skin will react then it should be fine. Moisturizing or Brightening masks generally give you a nice glow sans breakouts, buuuuuut I still wouldn’t do one that I wasn’t super familiar with. You never know how your face will react. So don’t.

 lanza 066Bright Idea: To get wasted at the rehearsal dinner.

Why not? Well, really!? You don’t know why? Because when’s the last time you got wasted and looked fresh and beautiful the next day... yeah... exactly.

Alternative: There are plenty of times to drink, the night before your wedding isn’t one of them. This doesn’t mean you can’t hang out and enjoy yourself, but stick to club soda with lime in a double old fashion, it will keep you hydrated and gives you something with zero calories to walk around with. In general I would ask that no one in the wedding drinks the night before, but I live in the real world, which brings us to the next bright idea...

hot pink bridesmaid dresses Bright Idea: To fill your bridesmaids life with rules.

Why not? Mostly, because you want these women to still be your friends afterwards. I know you think you are just organizing, but you sound like a tyrant. They must wear their hair like this or lose weight by this date... seriously, it happens. Maybe it’s not even that drastic, but remember just because you are getting married doesn’t give you license to be a hardcore raging witch.

Alternative: Suggest. Pick out the dress, tell them where to buy and leave it at that. If you want them to wear the same shoes or jewelry buy them yourself. If you want them to all wear there hair up, then say, “hey, what do you think of putting your hair up?” You know there is a way to suggest nicely that lets them know what you want.

image Bright Idea: To wear gloves.

Why not? Because it’s disastrous.

Alternative: Don’t be tacky.

So take those rules and run with them... Are there any that I forgot? or did you break one of my rules? Tell me about it!



Until we meet again, stay bridal and please dear lordy don’t. wear. gloves.


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Pictures by Geoff Johnson and Nicole Williams