Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best Wedding Planning Websites

I have written a little bit about the importance of wedding planning websites and keeping your guests informed, and due to many requests to learn more about the wedding planning websites out there, I have put together this blog post.

There are two types of wedding planning sites: ones you pay for and ones that are free.

Of course there are some standard “must haves” for your wedding website no matter if you pay or not.

1. Online RSVP capabilities (The more events possible the better. IE Rehearsal dinner, brunch)

2. Registry links-Some places you register will automatically update the link to your site! (this is a must since it is tacky to put these in your invites!)

3. Unlimited or customizable pages-You will want to include all the pertinent information that your guests will need to familiarize themselves with your wedding weekend. Make sure the site has enough pages to include things like: “Ways to get there,” “Places to Eat/See,” “Lodging options,” “Activities Planned,” etc.

4. Good Design Options-Get the exact look, colors, fonts, you want! Match it with the feel of your wedding.

With that in mind, these are the ones that I suggest-

The Best Paid Sites:

My favorite by far is Wedding Window.

image -Offer a free trial, monthly ($10.99) , 6 month ($59) or yearly subscriptions ($79) 

Just like anything in life you must remember that you get what you pay for, and you might not want to spend the money for all the bells and whistles…so with that being said there are some free sites that are much better than others.

The Best Free Sites:














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