Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Start to Finish-Planning with MG Events: Photography Meetings

Hi everyone, it's me again…Mandy! Sorry it took me so long to update ya'll with everything going on with my wedding. I've been quite busy moving into my new house lately, which is probably one of the biggest reasons I love having Morgan Gallo Events by my side. They have completely helped me through the wedding vendors and getting the details of the wedding nailed down. Now, if only this blog would have written itself, I wouldn't be so behind on getting it to you. Although I'm sure that is a service MG Events would offer to do, if I hadn't offered to do this for them first! ;) After all, I haven't found much they don't do. So, let's talk photography, since that were they guided me next!

Savannah Wedding I drove into town to meet Morgan at a cafe while she was planning and organizing an upcoming photo shoot. One of the photographers, Geoff Johnson, I was supposed to meeting with later on that weekend happened to be there planning with her. Morgan introduced us, and casually as the meeting dispersed we began to talk. Geoff was very down to earth, and easy to talk to. So we decided instead of waiting until our appointment, we would have the meeting right then and there. Everything was very laid back, and Geoff is very talented. I got to see a wide variety of his photographic collections, and not just of weddings. I appreciated that, especially because Joey and I aren't very traditional, more "go with the flow type of personalities" ( I hope people still say that, ha). Geoff asked a lot of questions about our personalities and styles to try and get to know us as a couple, and see what were looking. He seemed to have a different perspective on photography than most; his style was a bit avant-garde and I liked that. He enjoys the spontaneity of a photograph, loves the outdoors, and believes in using natural light. Joey and I love being outdoors and tend to be a little camera shy, so we needed someone who knew when to be in the background and when to step forward for the right moment.

image Shannon Christopher was the other photographer MG Events had set up for us to meet with. Our meeting was originally schedule for 9am, but thanks to Morgan's help and Shannon's flexibility we were able to push it back to 11, as I was not feeling great and had a late night. Morgan emailed him late the night before, and Shannon got back to her before the original meeting time. Morgan, again, took the stress out of a bad situation and took care of things for me when I wasn't able to myself. This also gave me some insight into Shannon's easy going personality. Both, Morgan and Kacie, met Joey and me at The Gallery Expresso. Although it was a bit loud and busy there, we managed to talk and get to know one another very well. Shannon shared with us a little bit about his style, personality, and even a little bit about himself, outside of photography. This was nice, because it was more about getting to know a person who wants to be a part of your wedding, rather than getting to know someone you were paying to be a part of your wedding. Shannon's personality seems to want to please whatever we wanted and needed from him on our wedding day. He photographs tend to be artistic and natural, but he can and will take those traditional photographs if you want them. I was surprised that this was Morgan's first time meeting him, and yet she did a great job, again, matching our personalities together. We all sat together and talked, like old friends it seemed, for almost an hour. Shannon even asked us to tell him how we met and how we got engaged, and I truly felt like we were talking to someone who cared about our wedding, it's purpose, and it's meaning.

At both appointments I felt important, but not pressured and found that when there were lapses in the conversation, it was wonderful to have Morgan around to guide us all back into a direction that would help us, as a couple, determine who was going to be our photographer. They both seemed like a perfect fit, in personality and artistic style. Even though, Morgan made the choice difficult for us,I was grateful that Morgan had narrowed down two photographers for me to choose from that mimicked our style and beliefs as a couple. Two artists that would take amazing photographs, while still being unobtrusive and laid back. That's what we wanted on our wedding day, for everyone to be celebrating and enjoying themselves. We knew it would only add to our special day, rather than making us feel like puppets with a lot of posing and one, two, three: smile! We knew that wasn't right for us, and Morgan did a phenomenal job matching us up to two photographers that would make our wedding day just a little more special, and make two camera shy people feel a little more comfortable when it matters the most! As for who we chose, I guess you'll just have to keep waiting and reading to find out. All I can tell you, is that we couldn't be happier!

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  1. Great post! Valuable insight for the planning process.