Friday, June 18, 2010

How to find inspiration at a friend’s weddings.

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Now, when you go to a wedding when are planning your own or blogging about them, you are constantly looking around. Checking out the dresses, the flowers, the details... I went to a wedding yesterday and I swear I don’t know either of these people from Tom, but the visual aesthetic was genius. Now, I went a little insane with a new iPhone app called the Hipstamatic camera. I am obsessed. It makes pictures look old and super cool. So here are some of the things I like about the wedding and how you can use these colors and ideas for your big day.

Andy and Katie were married at the Hilton on Pensacola beach, which thank God is still open... The oil is closing in so please keep the folks on the gulf in your mind and prayers. It’s really sad to see so many long standing businesses struggle because of corporate greed and stupidity. So that’s my soapbox. Moving on.

The night was muggy, but had a pleasant breeze. Their programs could be spread out to make a super cute fan. The grommet was a huge stud, a cute touch! The colors were an ah-mazing green and a beautiful purple shade. The groom and groomsmen wore khaki suites that really fit the environment. There were pops of pink and white and I am just loving this color combo. The bride wore a large flower/feather clip in her side bun, which was just adorable. The tables at the reception were genius. They had two different centerpieces. One was a beautiful short square vase filled with sliced limes and the bridesmaids STUNNING peony bouquets. The other was 3 glass bottles at varying heights in shades of pink and green. They each had a different single stem in them anchored in sand. I thought this was just super cute. There were a few candles, but I would have maybe done more.

There were a few problems I had with the reception, but I will only mention the ones that won’t make me sound like a witch. First, the space was very small and awkwardly set up... but I could live with it. Secondly, what’s up with couples taking an hour plus for pictures after the ceremony. I think it’s ridiculous. This is the 3rd or 4th wedding I’ve been to where this happened. I mean, I suppose I am just not cool, but I didn’t need hundreds of pictures of my crew standing in 30 different places. Just know that your guests are waiting for you. I think that’s something to be conscious of. You only have your space for some many hours, so don’t waste your party time taking a ton of posed photos. Sorry, that’s just how I feel. You can totally have a different opinion... just know you are probably wrong :)

Now, the purple and green thing can work in so many different environments. In all different shades. It can be pastel or rich jewel tones. You can make it more big city affair by putting the guys in black tuxes and the girls in floor length silk charmeuse gowns. Keep the flowers all white and use the purple and green to wrap the stems. Use rich jewel tones. If you are having an afternoon garden party, pale shades would work brilliantly. Keep the guys in light suits, gray or khaki. Use a nice garden green, fresh purples, and shades of baby pink and lavender. The options are endless. I think this is a really great color combo to embrace.

Okay ladies, hopes that offers a little bit of inspiration!!!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and totally borrow ideas from your friends weddings... just make sure you make little changes... it’s totally not worth the fight. totally not.


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