Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ask Morgan: The DJ song list is HUGE! Help…..

Q: Morgan, do I have to pick out all my reception songs? My DJ gave me a huge list of songs but it is daunting to go through! -Mandy

A: Hi Mandy, it is quite a 0655simple answer of NO, but the explanation might be more of what you are looking for. Here is the thing…a GOOD DJ will be able to gage your audience throughout the night and pick the appropriate music accordingly. If he sees that a particular genre of music is keeping the dance floor busy…they will continue with something similar to ensure that it continues to be the case. The last thing you want to do is limit and dictate exactly what they must play because it just might not flow or be what entices your guests to get their boogie ON!

My advice is simple:

-Pick the songs you want your important dances to be to as well as a genre of music if you are having a cocktail hour. (IE. Soft Rock-Michael Buble, Jack Jonson or Jazz-Etta James, Duke Ellington, etc)

-If there are songs that you know you HAVE to hear before the night is over, jot them down and give them to your wedding planner or the DJ ahead of time to ensure they can get the song and fit it into the night for you.

-List the songs you most definitely DO NOT want to hear played (chicken dance, polka, etc) This list will be pretty easy compared to picking out each and every song you want to hear. TIP: Ask the DJ to let you know if a guest happens to request a song you have asked him not to play and then make the call.

-Allow your guests to make requests if they would like. Merely let your DJ know it is ok as long as it falls into your realm of what is OK to play. (Granny is going to be there don't forget and you might not want her hearing “Baby got back!”

-Let your wedding planner create your reception timeline with you and let them discuss with your DJ. I know that we go over all names, pronunciations, and timing of all events with them prior to the wedding to ensure things go perfectly smoothly!

Then get your dancing shoes ready…because if your guests see you on the dance floor having fun---they are going to join you! There is nothing worse than an empty dance floor…