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Working in a gown salon, I was often perplexed at how many women came in looking for this idea of a perfect dress while completely neglecting what their momma gave them. It’s like brides forget what looks good on their body because they want to look like a bride. For your information, you will in-fact be the bride no matter what you wear, so dress just like any normal day, in a gown that flatters your best parts.


flaunt whatcha got.001 Celeb Icon: Salma Hayek knows a thing or two about having a nice rack. This fiery Mexican beauty always flaunts, but never overexposes her ladies and is the perfect inspiration when dressing a great bust line.

What to Wear: V-Necks are your savior! Love them, wear them! I am a complete stranger to having an ample bosom, but I do know that droopy ta-tas are not a good look. You want the girls to be up and happy. So find a dress with straps or sleeves with necklines that come to a open v. A big thing to remember when flaunting the girls is making sure you still have a defined waist, otherwise you can just look top heavy.

L’s Fave Exercise: Unfortunately there are no exercises to make your boobs bigger or me, I would know by now. The best advice I can give is to work of whittling your midsection to really give you that perfect hourglass shape. To work the obliques, sit on your tailbone with your feet shoulder-width apart out in front of you. Holding a 6 to 8 pound medicine ball, lean back 45 degrees and slowly reach the ball out to the left, the center, the right, and then back to center for 1 rep. Do 3 sets of 12, as many times a week as you like. Remember to go slow when doing any ab workout. Your abs require less recovery time than most muscle groups, so crunch on.

flaunt whatcha got.002 Legs

Celeb Icon: Gwenyth Paltrow is amazing and at 36 has never looked more amazing. She rocks a mini better than most of young Hollywood and does it with the perfect mix of rockstar and sophisticate.

What to Wear: That’s easy, something short! Show off those sassy legs. There isn’t much to the selection except for finding a dress you love. Length is important because you want to make sure that you choose the most flattering length for your gams, but generally anything goes.

L’s Fave Exercise: Well, lunges, calf raises, and the stairmaster will never hurt, but if you would like to try something new take a cue from Gwen and Madonna and get familiar with their trainer Tracy Anderson. I own her dance aerobics dvd and I am constantly shocked at how sweaty I get and how tired I am just by dancing around like an idiot, but if dance ain’t your thing Paltrow’s website GOOP offers some of Anderson’s expertise for free. The workout is comprised of 8 crazy high rep moves that will work your legs and butt until it hurts to walk. No joke, it’s good stuff. <>

flaunt whatcha got.003 Butt

Celeb Icon: Having a booty is cool now, thanks to open minded folks like Sir Mix-a-lot and Sisqo. Jessica Biel has one of my favorite Hollywood rears and I would know, I love ladies with booty! Biel always manages to look so super sexy and extremely pulled together. She has fantastic style and really knows how to dress her backside.

What to Wear: Now dressing a badonkadonk isn’t really that difficult it can work with all styles, but to truly show it off a trumpet or mermaid skirt will work best. Now I can’t say this enough the most important part of dressing plump rump is fit! Your gown must hug your curves perfectly, no puckering or pulling which leads to that stuffed sausage look. So remember, the seamstress is your friend!

L’s Fave Exercise: The stairmaster and all forms of squats. Start with feet shoulder width apart and lean back as if sitting in a chair until knees are bent at 90 degrees. Make sure that your toes never extend over your knees. Now you can also do sumo squats where you stand in a grande-plié and squat down once again, knees staying behind the toes. Do 3 sets of 12, 3 times a week. As they get easier try holding free weights or a weighted bar.

flaunt whatcha got.004 Arms

Celeb Icon: Jennifer Garner is my favorite person in Hollywood and probably one of the most smoking hot bodies ever! Alias still rocks my socks! Now with kids and tons of movies where she doesn’t play a superhero, she still has the greatest toned arms. Garner never claimed to be a fashionista, but her stylist Rachel Zoe did, so she always wears amazing pieces that showcase her guns.

What to Wear: Really anything that show your arms...not groundbreaking, huh? Well, in my personal highly sought after opinion, an asymmetrical neckline or halter really draws the eyes to the arm. Now, I am not talking about a spring break Cancun halter top, I am talking about a sophisticated pretty halter gown that emphasizes your toned back and arms.

L’s Fave Exercise: Rocking free weights is an easy way to tone, doing bicep curls and tricep dips, 3 sets of 15 and steadily increasing your weight as they get easier. I also like to do plank poses, which work arms, back, and core. Start like you are about to do some serious dude push-ups, then push up your arms fully extended your back straight, your butt should not be raised up in the air or sinking towards the ground. Hold for 30 seconds. Do this a few times during a workout. Gradually you should work it up to a minute or even two. I’m serious!

So until we meet again, stay bridal and rock whatcha got, you are so 3008...


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