Sunday, June 14, 2009

with the perfect ending to your wedding day!

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How to find the perfect lingerie for your special night, wink wink.

I love a good sale and it would be a shame for me to not share the good news. Victoria’s Secret is having there A-MAZING semi-annual sale, so I thought this would be a perfect time to talk about lingerie, giggle. Now no one wants to be apart of that sad group of couples that doesn’t enjoy their magical wedding night and a super cute piece of lingerie can insure that doesn’t happen to you. I think that lingerie is definitely a special occasion kind of thing and your wedding night is absolutely a special occasion, so splurge! For me, the two most important things when choosing lingerie is making sure that you are comfortable in the style you choose and some crazy self-confidence. I know that the latter may not come as easy as it should, but try and be confident and you will feel and look amazing. Now, finding the right style for you is pretty easy...can’t remember the last time you wore a dress? Then silk, lace, and super girly is probably not for you. You get it. So I am going to break down some generic bride types to help you narrow down the choices that best suit your personality. All pieces are from Vickie’s Secret and they are all on sale ;)

lingerie.001 For the sporty bride... Keep fabrics light and airy. Look for cotton and super soft modal. Stay within your comfort zone, don’t try to get too sexy, awkward is so not hot. Stick to camisole and panty sets or comfy dresses. Stay away from crazy patterns or too many ruffles.

lingerie.002 For the romantic bride... This is my favorite. Anything girly works, so think ruffles, lace, silk. Keep the colors pale and muted. The power of this look is in the fact that it isn’t overtly sexy, the hotness kind of sneaks up on you. Think Shakespeare and Austen with a lot more sex. you know, sweet, but sort of naughty.

lingerie.003 For the sassy bride... Well, anything goes for this bride...corsets, high get it. The challenge of this look is to avoid looking like a $5 dollar hooker. Keep it sophisticated. I always like a retro throwback with the super sassy stuff. All colors work with this look, but I always tend to lean towards black. If you do want color, I would stick with jewel tones which always look rich and sexy. This look is super hot and trust me, no one will be falling asleep.

So until we meet again, stay bridal and please rock some fabulous lingerie, no matter how long it actually stays on ;)


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