Friday, June 26, 2009

How to dress your Ma’ for the big day.

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Now, I will start by saying I was blessed with the hottest mom ever and my grandma...get out of here. My pops is a stud too. I know that all moms don’t have Madonna arms, but still it is noooooo reason for any mother to wear another duipioni suit. They aren’t awful, they just aren’t fun and mom deserves to have fun at the wedding she and pops are throwing for you. I have compiled a few types of dresses that keep your mom are incredibly stylish while remaining the “motherly” whatever the heck that means. I am all for showing off the hotness and wedding rules don’t really apply with me, so if you are looking for some stuffy advice about how long your mom’s sleeves should might be in the wrong place.

Momma.001 Ruching: Is wonderful for waistlines, bustlines...any type of pulls everything in and instantly tones everything up. I love ruching around the midsection. Plus, ruching works on so many different styles of dresses so it is everywhere, super easy to find.

Momma.004Wrap Dresses: Diane Von Furstenberg is probably in the process of suing me as we speak, crazy witch, but the wrap dress is supremely flattering and a perfect mom outfit. It’s stylish, fun and with so many options you are able to find the perfect one for mom. I love this look for an afternoon garden wedding.

Momma.002 Follow the Trends without being Trendy: All of the dresses I found were on Nordstroms website and notice how many are purple, it’s not a super obvious trend, but enough en vogue to keep mom fresh. Look for popular colors and/or necklines to keep your mom hip. One shoulder gowns are popping up everywhere and super appropriate for Ma.

Momma.003Any Dress with a Pencil Skirt: I think pencil skirts are flirty and sexy while being age appropriate. They come to a perfect length at the knee and keep mom sassy without having to go super short, which is never cool, unless your mom has Sharon Stone legs, then why not?

In a world where moms are getting hotter and hotter and age is becoming less and less important it’s not right to keep your mom in the past. Now, if your mom isn’t comfy without being “out there” and uncovered, instead of those icky little jackets have your mom don a beautiful silk or cashmere shawl. Back to hot moms, you will undoubtedly be the center of attention so don’t stifle moms style choices, unless she is wearing white or skintight leopard let her wear what she is comfy in, got it?

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t be a hater, let mom look hot on your wedding day.


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