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Vendor Highlight-Meet an incredibly talented Savannah hairstylist



Tiffony Simpson

Business name:

Ony Salon- Ony (adj)- \ō-nee\-unique; distinctive; adding contemporary style to all of the moments in your life.

Years in Business:

12 years as a licensed cosmetologist/3 years in business



Short Description of our Services:

Ony Salon is Savannah’s premier bridal & special occasion hairstyling salon. Our bridal services are provided at our brides preferred location. Our salon has an upscale, chic, boutique style setting so brides are welcome to come to our salon. We also love working on location! It takes so much of the wedding day stress away when you know all that you have to do is get up and relax in comfy clothes surrounded by the people you love most in a FUN calm atmosphere. I cap fun there because that’s what we want for our clients…we want you to have good time while you get beautiful! So, what better way to do that than to let us bring beauty to you?

Pre-wedding Hair Care

I ask most brides to wash their hair the night before the wedding. In general hair that is not freshly washed gives a much better finished product. Washing the hair the day of can make the hair to slippery to work with. Every bride is different and hair texture varies also, so always ask your stylist what would be best.

Be sure to get color touch ups and a trim 2 weeks before the wedding. Never make any big changes to hair color or hair length in the weeks prior to your wedding. You want to look and feel your best, so you don’t want any “mishaps” or drastic changes that will cause you not to recognize yourself in your wedding photos.

Don’t forget to wear a button down shirt for your wedding day hairstyling session. The last thing you/I will want is to have to take a shirt over your head and possibly mess up anything.

Should you do a trial run? If so how far out from your wedding date?

I suggest that every bride have at least one trial run prior to your wedding day. When possible it is recommended that you start 3 to 6 months or so before the wedding. This allows us to play with a few styles before finalizing your wedding day look. The trial run is the perfect time to talk about your pre-wedding hair care regimen.

Destination Brides: Although, 3-6 months is desired, with a destination wedding or an elopement, this is not always possible. 95% of my brides are destination brides, so sometimes I am actually meeting them in person only days before the wedding. I always ask them to email me pictures of their hair and pictures of hairstyles that they like. My goal is to give my bride the exact hairstyle she wants, but one that will also compliment her wedding style.

No_0003_MattMcGrawPhoto_LeonardWeddingHow to choose the perfect hair style for your wedding?

For most brides, their hair style for their wedding is a dilemma.  They are not sure whether to wear their hair all up, half down, or all down.  I have 3 rules for determining the best hairstyle for you for your wedding day.

1. Rule #1 Choose a hairstyle that is appropriate for the wedding formality and location.

Where will you be getting married?  On the beach/outside or church/inside, etc. Keep in mind if you are getting married on the beach, for example, there will be the wind factor.  If it is in a hot or humid climate, can your hair withstand and remain in your desired style or will it have a tendency to revert back to what it does naturally? Will your wedding be a formal, semi-formal or casual affair? You will want to choose a hairstyle that reflects that formality.

2. Rule #2 Try different hairstyle choices before making the final decision.

Most brides have picked out at least one hairstyle that they like, but are not quite sure about.  Try it!  That might just be the one you love.  It is sort of like your wedding dress, when you tried on that gown and looked in the mirror…You knew that was THE ONE…it is the same way with your hairstyle…you will know!

3. Rule #3 Do not panic or stress about your hair.

Usually going with your gut instinct will not lead you wrong.  If you are feeling stressed about your hair or what it will do on your wedding day…stop!  Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your personal style.  Do not allow trends and sudden whims to cause you to make a decision that goes against your better judgment.  Be realistic about your hair and what it will do.  That is the best way to look PERFECT on your wedding day!

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