Friday, February 12, 2010

How to look super fly at your rehearsal dinner!


So, I thought it was time to update your rehearsal dinner-wear. Trends and weather are constantly changing, so I just wanted to give a few cold weather choices using some of the fabulous new trends from the runway and red carpet. I am a genius, so you must trust me on everything...and by now you should know that I am full of witty sarcasm ;) among other things. So here we go, shopping is fun.

rehearsaldinner2.001 1/ The Cocktail Party Rehearsal Dinner, I looooove cocktail parties...I need fancy friends to throw them, so I can get all pretty and drink. Sigh. Cocktail parties are so glamorous. Have the music up, not too loud, have yummy drinks everywhere both alcoholic and non. And since you are saving money by having the dinner at home, fork over some cash to bring in servers to pass out drinks. Make lots of yummy appetizers and a small buffet of heartier foods. This is a cocktail party, so go crazy! Wear a cocktail dress!!! So much fun...I had more fun shopping for my second short dress than my actual wedding dress because that’s more me...really, how many of us are the ball gown types all the time? Right?

From left to right: dress, A.L.C, $343, shoes, Fergie, $109; dress, Madison Marcus, $274, shoes, Kors by Michael Kors, $250; dress, Cynthia Vincent,  $198, shoes, Nine West, $89.

rehearsaldinner2.002 2/ The Casual Get Together Rehearsal Dinner, I think that in such a tight economic times that this is just the best way to go. Have everyone make and bring their favorite dishes, or get takeout from ton of your favorite different places, variety is the spice of life. Bust out the karaoke machine, board games, card games, etc. Light a fire and have your favorite music playing. See doesn’t that sound fun!? I want to have one now! What’s great about this is comfort and cute are the only things that matter! Pants are the best way to go because you will be a lot of sitting around and cuddling and running around...I would go with a jumper, they are comfy and can still look so sexy. So, leave the dress for your wedding day.

Left to right: jumpsuit, Nanette Lepore, $278.60; shoes, Steve Madden, $69.95; jumpsuit, Young, Fabulous, & Broke, $198, blazer, Elizabeth and James, $395, earrings, Banana Republic, on sale for $20.

rehearsaldinner2.0033/ The Afternoon Tea Rehearsal Linner, I like this idea, the men may find it a bit girly, but you provide enough food and champagne they should be just fine! It also gives you all afternoon to just hang with your friends, throwing your own tea party is easy and can be inexpensive. I think that this is the perfect opportunity to be really frou frou and go pink crazy. This idea screams spring, but guess what? People drink tea year round...and what better to warm you up in the winter? So the idea is to keep fabrics lights and soft, nothing too heavy.

Cardigan, Paul & Joe, $154; dress, BB Dakota, $80; shoes, Via Spiga, $215; belt, Old Navy, $16.50, bracelet, Banana Republic, $39.50. *styling assistance: wear the cardigan over the dress and button the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th buttons from the top, wear the belt at your natural waist cinching it tight to show off your slimmest part and give you a pretty shape. And if you get too cold, a classic khaki trench and a bright pink pashmina would look fabulous!*

rehearsaldinner2.0044/ The Bowling Ally Rehearsal Dinner, so yes, this is a real thing and personally I think it’s awesome, bowling is fun and not too dangerous ;) Just keep the balls aimed at the pins and you should be injury free. The food at a bowling ally can be pretty bad, but in most major cities there are at least one or two bowling allies with really good food. I live in the middle of nowhere and I still have one with awesome food, albeit predictable, but give the men alcohol and you should be good to go. But if not, it’s possible that if you rent enough lanes you may be able to strike up a deal to bring in outside food. Now, you want to still be pretty, after all you are the bride, but you want to make sure that you are still cute once you put on bowling shoes...ew. Make sure bring socks. I would go for the new style of cropped pants, NOT CAPRI PANTS!!! Capri pants look good on no one and if you think they look good on you...well, they probably don’t. A nice dark jean with a rolled hem is perfect.

Cardigan, Kensie, $78; blouse; Generra, $195; Gabby jeans, Hudson, $185; necklace, Gorjana, $58; shoes, Steve Madden, $49.95.

So, there you go! Weddings, Fashion, and Parties...three of my favorite things in the world. Just remember to think about dressing for your rehearsal dinner like you would any other day. Stay true to your style, but don’t be afraid to try trends you really like.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t be mean, let your bridesmaids get trashed at the rehearsal dinner...that’s why God made Laura Mercier under eye stuff ever!!!!


Tune in tomorrow for suggestions on each one of these fabulous rehearsal dinner ideas and more! Tags: rehearsal dinner attire,rehearsal dinner,wedding fashions,rehearsal dinner ideas,savannah wedding,savannah wedding planner

43 Things Tags: rehearsal dinner attire,rehearsal dinner,wedding fashions,rehearsal dinner ideas,savannah wedding,savannah wedding planner