Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feature Savannah Wedding:Kaitlin and Patrick

Kaitlin Coffey &Patrick Hughes

Date Engaged
September 17, 2011

Where did you meet?

Patrick and Kaitlin met on MLK Day 2009 at a small get together in college.  They were brought together by some mutual friends and after a long night of Pictionary and awkward silence they finally spoke for about five minutes.  They did not see eh other or speak again until some time later at a friends Super Bowl party.  Crammed on an end of a couch with the worst view of the game they were forced to speak again and when the post game episode of The Office premiered they quickly discovered they had a similar taste in comedy.Later that evening, as Patrick was walking Kaitlin to her car (technically for a ride), they found that her car had been broken into.  Needless to say this got the couple talking much more and after a long night of police reports, sarcastic jokes and taping up Kaitlin's car window, she finally dropped Patrick off at his apartment.Another week went by and after much harassment from his friends, Patrick finally asked Kaitlin out on an official date.  On the date he cooked her  favorite foods, French Onion Soup and Banana Pudding, and she even picked out his favorite movie to watch without even being asked.  Two dates later,on March 4, 2009, they were officially a couple and have been ever since!

How did he propose?
When the ball in Times Square dropped and 2011 began, it did not take Patrick long to realize what his New Years resolution would be.  He quickly began planning and scheming his proposal making multiple visits a week to the jewelry store and discussing a trip not to be forgotten with his friends.In September of 2011 Kaitlin, Patrick and a group of close friends made their way down to Orlando, Florida for a fun filled week at Disney World.  After a long day at the Magic Kingdom, Kaitlin and Patrick stood by a rose garden near Cinderella's Castle to watch the fireworks go off.  As the song"When You Wish Upon a Star"  began to play Patrick got down on one knee and popped the question.  Obviously if you reading this site you should know that her answer was YESSS!

When is your wedding date?
September 29, 2012

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?
We chose to get married at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist because it has been the church that Patrick and his family have attended for years.  I could not think of a more beautiful church to get married in.

Where do you reside now?
Currently I am residing in Augusta, Georgia and Patrick is living in Savannah, Georgia due to our jobs.  We have been in a long distance relationship for about a year and a half now.  We could not be more excited to get married and finally live in the same town again!

We cannot wait for your big day!!! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it Kaitlin and Patrick.
The MGE Team


  1. Beth and I are excited for your big day as well!!!