Monday, November 16, 2009

Picking Your Wedding Colors-Part 3

Complementary colors are more times than not, the most chosen option for wedding color scheme picks. The true definition of complementary colors are: two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel, which when placed next to each other make both appear brighter. To give you an example of what we are talking about, take a look at the color wheel below. The arrows will show you that color’s complementary color.  (there are much more in depth color wheels online-just google search “color wheel”.) You will more than likely want to have a neutral color assist your complementary colors throughout your wedding as well. IE: grey, black, ivory, white, brown, or taupe.

REMEMBER- You are not limited to these colors, try looking at variations of each color either in more pastel or deeper in that color family. And…you can always fudge a little…after all that is what makes you and your wedding unique right? For instance, some of the hottest combinations coming up this next year is:

Turquoise, Deep Purple & Yellow

Navy Blue, Yellow & Peach

Sage Green, Light Purple & Yellow

Pastels are making a come back as well!

Your colors will define almost all of your detailed decisions regarding your use this information and the past few wedding color blogs to help you make an informed decision! Inspiration is just have to look.