Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to be the girliest bride possible.


pretty princess.004I diss looking like a princess a lot, but what the heck is wrong with looking like a princess? answer. nothing. It just has to be done right. Much like doing a themed wedding, too much princess and things can get nasty. We like Princess Diana or Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann, let’s let Cinderella have her carriage and clear shoes. Wow, Cinderella was totally a skank. I never really thought that through. Anyways, here are a few of my princess tips.

pretty princess.001 When looking for a princess gown, think volume...when’s the last time you saw a Disney princess in a sheath gown? Uh, never. Ball gowns are stunning, but it’s all about proportion. If you are truly petite, under 5’2”, you might think about going with a full a-line gown with a natural or empire waist to make your legs look longer. No matter what your height you will HAVE to wear heels, ok unless you are a giant, you will need to wear heels. The volume of a ball gown can really make you look wonky. So, if you don’t define your waist or give yourself some height you are gonna look like a weeble wooble. Sooooo not attractive.

pretty princess.002    Being a princess is all about shining, so sparkle is important. You want to have either glitter, beading, or shine. It’s just a part of the trend, nothing you can do to avoid it. Just try not to overdo it. Think minimalist when going with this look. Choose one thing to be overtly girly about. Think either a big pouffy bedazzled dress and minimal jewels or diva bling and a simple gown, not both. It’s all about balance. If you need help, organize your most tacky and your most conservative friend and have them both meet in the middle...Oh, and don’t tell your friends that they are tacky or conservative if you still want them to be your friends.

pretty princess.003One of my favorite designer of princess/ball gowns is Kenneth Pool, who also designs Platinum for Priscilla of Boston. Melissa Sweet and Vera Wang are also great with the style. Because you want to look like a princess, but modern, so you want to find a designer that mixes that classic ball gown shape with a tad of spunk.

pretty princess.005When dolling up princess style please, don’t over use pink. Think natural and glowing. I would use a liquid foundation, something like MAKE UP FOR EVER HD, invisible cover foundation. MAKE UP FOR EVER has been used for years by professional makeup artists. This stuff is amazing! It’s oil free and gives a med-to-full coverage that looks super natural and comes in 25 shades, from the fairest white to the darkest ebony this stuff has got you covered. For the eyes, I would use a nice palette of browns and pinks. I am and always will be in love with CHANEL’S spice eye quad. These are the most flattering shades and they are beautifully pigmented. And as always TOOOONS of your favorite lengthening mascara in true black.  For your cheeks I would use a cream blush, like NARS’ The Multiple in orgasm, the best color ever!!! This stuff will give you that perfect flush of color and a bit of highlight. This stick can also be repurposed after the wedding to be used for eyes, cheeks, and lips. For your lips, I would try and find a berry shade close to, perhaps a shade darker, than your actual lip color, that’s a good way to describe it at the makeup counter. They will know what you are looking for, if they don’t try another brand. I have very pink lips and NARS lipstick, in gypsy works well. For your nails, I love OPI’s Isn’t it Romantic or Italian Love Affair. I am also a fan of the Essie classic, Ballet Slipper. Just make sure your nails are cut short or you run the risk of looking like a real housewife of new jersey, those ladies are crazy!!!!

So, this stuff is pretty easy. Look pretty, look sparkly, look expensive, do not look like you stepped  out of an 80’s debutante ball. Doooo not go overboard. Pick your must have princess piece and that’s it.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember, this post is not an excuse for you to bust out a tiara, which is never acceptable...ever. Please, for the sake of fashion.



Anonymous said...

ok, 3rd collage down, first big picture on the left, the strapless you know the designer?

The Savannah Wedding Planner said...

Sure thing! Here is the link.