Thursday, September 9, 2010

Real DC Wedding: Melissa and Phil Part 1-Getting ready and ceremony

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DC Wedding Venue

Earlier this May, I had the pleasure of sharing in Melissa and Phil’s wedding day. Melissa and Phil are long time friends of the oh so fabulous Geoff L Johnson (I bet you can guess who the mastermind behind these amazing photos was!!!) and so this wedding became a little more personal with that in mind. When I met these two crazy love birds, I knew that this was going to be a relaxed, unexpected and heartfelt wedding. Nothing traditional or stuffy here… I recall one email from Melissa (THIS IS SOOOO MELISSA-and if you cannot picture this when I tell you take a look at the below right picture) says to me “I got my dress fitted today and picked out a make-up lady who didn't make me look like a tranny” She was just raw, fun and so in love with Phil and his two kiddos (who are OH SOOO ADORABLE!) Phil was just as fun…at the floral appointment we are picking out colors: Reds of all different shades and each table would have a different flower type, and he says…”I want a green flower to wear for my thingy” HHAHHAH. I thought Melissa was going to die! After a little convincing you will see that Phil got his green “THINGY” AKA boutonniere below! And might i say it looked fabulous and kept with the “non-traditional and unexpected”. The ceremony took place on the balcony of the incredible Josephine Butler House in downtown Washington, DC overlooking the park. The rain held out just in time for their intimate ceremony among their closest friends and family! Stay tuned for Part 2-Portraits tomorrow…

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