Monday, September 6, 2010

Unique ways to preserve your wedding bouquet

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So one of the most important flower orders at your wedding is of course your bouquet and so many brides ask me what they can do with it POST wedding to use it, keep it, preserve it. These days there are many options/forms out there that allow you to preserve it. Take a look and decide which options fits your budget and lifestyle! What did you pick?


Timeless FlowersBy a Professional This is by far the easiest and most successful way of preserving your bouquet, however it IS the most expensive as well. The cost to send your bouquet off to be preserved and displayed can cost anywhere from $70-300+ dollars. Your location, the company and display choice will affect the price one way or another though. You must also make sure to have a friend or family member ship it off the next day and be sure to follow the STRICT shipping instructions to ensure it gets there in one piece.

Do it yourself: There are a bunch of different tutorials and options out there for you DIY brides! YouTube is always a great source but also check out this Wedding Channel article. Doing it yourself will run about $10-20 dollars for the needed materials. 


imageA WREATH:

When it comes to how you re-create your wedding flowers if you don't want to keep it in bouquet format. I LOVE this wreath option! But make sure you follow the directions and are very careful. Flowers when dried become very fragile.




Do you love when your house smells amazing? I love it more when the I don't have a million air fresheners hanging out of my wall sockets! SOOO…after drying your flowers, use them around the house in a few of your favorite bowls, vases, or containers and drizzle your favorite home scent on them to create your very own potpourri! If you had a wedding scent…why not use it? Potpourri will last a long time if you follow these easy how-to instructions!




Buy a number of these display ornaments that you can open and put the dried flowers into. Then as Christmas gifts, write on the ornament your wedding date, place and names and give to your bridal party, family, or friends! BE SURE TO KEEP ONE FOR YOURSELF!



imageIf you aren't into the dried look…then you can try the pressed option. Pressing flowers is a little more in-depth but can truly preserve the look of your flowers in a 1 dimensional state. Here is a great article on how to press your own flowers.After you have pressed your flowers there are many options to use/display them. Bookmarks, greeting cards (how neat would it be as a “Thank You” card to your guests with your wedding flowers on the card!), or simply frame them to display on the wall!

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