Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Picking your Wedding Colors-Part 1 What colors mean

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Are you having trouble choosing what colors you are going to use for you wedding? From bridesmaid dresses, table decor, lighting, flowers and so much more, it is such a big decision that affects all aspects of your wedding…I know!  We look no further. The next number of posts will help guide you to making an informed decision that will help you set the perfect setting and tone for your wedding day! If you have ever taken a psychology course, then you know that colors can evoke emotion and associates with certain meanings. Hopefully, with the help of a few pictures, explanations and definitions…I’ll be able to give you the resources to make this every so important decision! 

Ashley and Dusty bought simple white vases at Ikea and had their florist create modern minimalist arrangements using bright red carnations, dahlias, and celosia with accents of viburnum berries.


Red is a very strong color.  It’s a hot color that is energizing and evokes a powerful emotion of passion, lust, and energy. The color meaning of red signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. Red is a good color to use for accents that need to take notice over other colors.

Orange is a combination of Red and Yellow. As bright and warm and inviting color, orange relates to social communication, stimulating two way conversations. The color psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit.  With its enthusiasm for life, the color orange relates to adventure and risk-taking, inspiring physical confidence, competition and independence. Those inspired by orange are always on the go! In relation to the meaning of colors, orange is extroverted and uninhibited, often encouraging exhibitionism or, at the very least, showing-off!

The four bridesmaids chose tea-length taffeta J.Crew dresses with crisscrossed spaghetti straps and buttons in the back. Marissa altered her own dress to include buttons as well.Yellow is the brightest color to the human eye. It represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings. It is a cheerful energetic color. Yellow will evokes feelings of happiness. The color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.

Simple, striking, large, glass vases were filled with geometric branches and hanging capris strings.Green is the color of balance and harmony. It represents growth, nature, fertility and renewal. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart and relates to stability and endurance.

Blue is a cool calming color that shows creativity and intelligence.  It is a color of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Blue has a calming effect on the psyche and seeks peace and tranquility. From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. This color exhibits an inner security and confidence.  Blue's wisdom comes from its higher level of intelligence, a spiritual perspective.

Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Throughout history purple has been associated with royalty, nobility and prestige. It creates an impression  of luxury, wealth, extravagance and power.In the meaning of colors, purple represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. Purple or violet assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment - it expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness.

Black is often a color used to portray something very powerful, class, elegance and wealth.  Black combined with other colors can have a very strong statement.  Black is a color that can fit into almost every design to add contrast, type, and make the other colors stand out more. Alone, black wouldn’t be as dramatic but paired with any other color in the correct fashion, it is bold, timeless and beautiful.


Even before she got engaged, Amy knew she wanted peonies as the dominant flower for her wedding. To help defray the cost of the pricey blooms, she mixed peonies with other flowers, like roses and hydrangeas.

Pink represents compassion, nurturing, unconditional love and understanding. It is the most romantic, affectionate and intimate, thoughtful and caring. It tones down the physical passion of red replacing it with a gentle loving energy. Pink is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope.

White is often associated with being pure, clean, fresh and good.  almost heavenly and is known for symbolizing reverence, purity, truth, peace, innocence, cleanliness, simplicity, security, humility, sterility, winter, life, marriage, and hope.


Color Psychology References: Wiki and Judy Scott-Kemmis Pictures: The Knot, and Real Simple.

Happy coloring!


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