Friday, November 20, 2009

How to walk the line of alternative wedding fashion without scaring any of your guests.

A few weeks ago I posted on gothic weddings and let me tell you, it was my favorite blog to research for so many reasons...for one, I kind of wish I had one, but there’s always a 10 year renewal, yay Morgan! and two, I find “alternative” weddings to be amazingly interesting and beautiful. Plus, they always look good in pictures. Now I am not talking about tacky vampire fangs and severed heads. I am talking about romantic gothic weddings with a bit of spunk to keep everyone on their toes.

Did you know that I was an art history major? Go figure right? Well, I stuck to mostly classes involving architecture and church art and gothic buildings were among some of my favorites. Genius, stunning buildings that are so massive and impressive that when you actually see them you may forget to breathe. I think it’s fun to see some of these buildings to help give a bit of inspiration. There is something just magical about French Gothic architecture and I think it’s pretty easy to see how this inspires the “gothic” fashion’s romantic, but kinda creepy at the same time!

goth wedding.001Finding the perfect gown isn’t just about find a dress with some black embellishments, it’s about finding a gown full of romance and mystery. Doesn’t that sound fun???? Of course it sounds fun!!!! I love romance and drama combined in a wedding dress, it becomes the kind of gown that literally takes your breath away. I’m affected by everything, so maybe it’s just me. There isn’t one specific thing I can say to help identify these gowns other than that no matter the shape they always seem light and delicate. They can be full or slim skirts, full sleeve or strapless... that’s not very good guidance, huh?  I guess, regardless of the modern aspects of the gown, some part of the gown needs to make you feel like you are looking back in time. We don’t want you to look like a bar wench complete with corset and turkey leg, so don’t go overboard.

goth wedding.002I’ve found that some designers have a flare for this style and those include the incomparable Vera Wang, but also Elizabeth Fillmore, and Melissa Sweet. I also like to check up on Reem Acra, Marchesa, Marc Jacobs, and Temperly London. These are all designers who know how to make women look beautiful and strive for innovative yet romantic looks.

goth wedding.003As far as wedding day beauty, keep things relatively simple. I would keep skin fresh and matte, no bronzers. To avoid looking washed out you can use a pretty peachy pink blush, like NARS orgasm, best color ever. I would use a product like Revlon’s HIP high intensity pigment kohl eyeliner, I would choose between the black, navy, or burgundy...all depending on your eye color or preference. Navy enhances all eye colors so keep that in mind. And false lashes on the corner of your eyes are a must, plus a healthy the dose of volumizing mascara. You don’t need any eyeshadow, but if you really want to wear it, go for highlight shadow along the arch and in the inner corner. The lips should be practically naked, either a nude gloss or a berry stain with a bit of clear gloss over it. For a bit more funk, wear dark nails, nails should be cut very short. I love Chanel’s black satin and OPI’s Lincoln Park after Dark or Lincoln Park after Midnight.

As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! Have a good story about a similar style wedding? Send it!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t be afraid to take a walk on the dark side.