Friday, August 20, 2010

How to get a wedding look inspired by your favorite cartoon princess... and not look like an idiot.

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Okay, hear me out!!! I am just as disgusted as you are when I see one of those generic fairy tale weddings. Horse drawn carriages are vomit inducing and also, terribly cruel to the animal, but none of my hippie nonsense today. I am talking about having a slight influence of your favorite character and making it look modern and sexy! I love the classic stories and I grew up on Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast... All of them. I saw The Little Mermaid like 50 times in the theatre as a kid. So here are a few of my favorite princesses and how they would influence my wedding day styling.

Belle. I love Belle. It’s still my dream to play her on broadway. She is just the best. She’s smart, witty, and determined... Annnnd she loves a big pouffy dress! Now, this is where we tread delicately because we aren’t “copying” we are being inspired. Get it!? I love the volume of this dress and how it balances with the fitted bodice. Add a simple, sparkly stud earring and some loose Angie curls and you are complete. Dramatic, but comfortable.

Jasmine. Ah, Jasmine and her silly midriff baring ensembles. I see her as the boho chic of the princesses. She always rocks her ah-mazing headband and her gold earrings. So accessories cannot be over looked. I think that simple and voluminous work best for her. Bubble skirts are wonderful. Any skirt where the bottom is heavier than the top... which is basically anything, but a sheath or column skirt.

Ariel. Ohmylordy. I seriously thought I could grow up to be Ariel... I was an idiot. While I was devastated to find out that Ariel was not in a zipped up costume AND that you had to live in the ocean to be a mermaid, I never stopped loving her. That fiery red hair and rebel demeanor totally define her. She really is the modern girl of the group. Very simple and tailored, but with a bit of pizazz.

Sleeping Beauty. This might be my favorite story. It’s so creepy. I love creepy. That little bit of gothic influence is just genius. I think that darling Briar Rose is the most classic of the bunch. A portrait neckline screams Sleeping Beauty! A statement necklace also works well for her. And I think to update her hairdo, I would go with a, post-Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon hair style.

Okay, so this was silly, but it really can work. Inspiration can come from the craziest and most unlikely of places. You just might have to look at things a little differently to see it.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and despite what I say, being a pretty, pretty princess on your wedding day is delightful... just avoid looking like you robbed a costume store.


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