Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Roselyn Sánchez & Eric Winter

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roselyn eric.001Now this couple is seriously hot! Roselyn Sánchez best known for the television show Without a Trace, but also stars in one of my favorite new Disney movies The Game Plan, so good! And Eric Winter who has marked almost 400 episodes on the Days of our Lives, who also popped up in Harold and Kumar and The Perfect Truth a romantic comedy due out next month starring Gerard Butler and the worst actress ever aka Katherine Heigl. This beautiful couple celebrated with 250 guests in the 4 day long festivities in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, close to Sánchez’s hometown. The ceremony took place at the Castillo de San Cristòbal a beautiful fort in my personal favorite part of Puerto Rico. So if you are looking for a wedding with a bit of pizzazz then this is definitely one to check out.   

The Bride. So seriously, how hot is Roselyn Sánchez? Now unfortunately there isn’t a makeup out there that will magically make us look like her...sucks, right? So we mere mortals will have to try and acquire her look as best we can. First off, her stunning dark hair was swept into a loose up do, which is perfect for an unfussy bride who wants to be able to dance and move without hair in her face. The most important thing is to make sure your hair is healthy and shiny, then the rest is easy. Try using a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner, I am loving L’Oreal’s new sulfate free line EverPure, this stuff rocks, it’s cheap, and my husband loves the smell. Also, for the month or so before the wedding try and not apply heat, which damages your hair. I know this can be difficult for some, so if you must use a blow dryer keep it on the cool setting. To get her fresh face, you need some serious black eyeliner and a killer bronzer. To get Sánchez’s sexy smokey eye, I would use Guerlian’s Terracotta loose powder kohl liner in black 1, $34. This stuff can be tricky to apply, but once mastered you get the perfect smokey eye every time. Now bronzers are not as easy, you have to find the perfect color for your skin, you want to look as though you have been kissed by the sun, no orange nastiness here. Benefit, Bare Minerals, Stila, and Guerlian all make wonderful bronzers, but the best way to find your perfect match is to spend an afternoon at the makeup counter. Have the artist apply the bronzer and before you purchase make sure you step outside to check the color in natural light. You would be surprised what a huge difference it makes.

roselyn eric.002roselyn eric.003roselyn eric.004The Dresses. Now, Sánchez got a little dress happy and opted for 3 gowns!!! Her ceremony gown was a grand ball gown complete with a sweetheart neckline. The ruffles and sparkle are vibrant, but somehow subtle and super hard to walk in. For her first dance she changed into a strapless column dresses adorned with feathers and finally she changed into a strapped a-line for the rest of the party...well, until she changed into jeans and a t-shirt to finish the evening off right. Now, I love all of her choices, they are all reminiscent of one another while being completely different. I know that three gowns can be killer to the budget for the majority of brides, but if you opt for two I would go with the strapped dresses before the strapless, it’s much easier to shake your grove thing when you aren’t worried about your bosoms popping out.

roselyn eric.005The Bouquet. Steal This Idea: Now this isn’t a new trick, but it is still a beautiful touch. Sánchez’s bouquet had a bit of extra sparkle hidden among the orchids and roses. It is something super easy to do and can generally be done cheap. I found some cute bouquet jewels on etsy.com for very cheap. I also think this can be a great way to display sentimental, but perhaps outdated jewelry or broaches.

roselyn eric.006The Decor. The reception was just as hot as the couple and with the help of Milly Centeno of MC Coordinators our of Puerto Rico, the couple created a sexy Latin reception. Steal This Idea: I love the repetition of the color orange in the decor right down to the menus. I found an affordable option from The Wedding Paper Divas and the awesome pin tucked napkins are also very easy to find from most rental companies and run about a dollar per. I found very similar napkin rings for 1.15 a piece on tasselnfringe.com, so for around 2 dollars per place setting you can have the exact same look. To save some dough I would only rent napkins and use plain white clothes on rectangle or square tables then I look for dark bamboo runners or placemats to use on the tables to get that extra fiery oomph.

So, if you feel that a sizzling Latin affair is exactly what you want then take notes from this stunning couple because their wedding had some serious fire. Sánchez and Winter were up partying with their guests until 4am. That is exactly how I feel a wedding should be, entirely about the celebration and having a blast with family and friends. If you never take any of my advice at least remember this, if you allow yourself to relax and enjoy your wedding day nothing can go wrong...well it can, but it won’t matter ;)



  1. I love this article! Roselyn is so beautiful. Best wishes to this amazing couple.

  2. What are the flowers she has on her cake and with the napkins? I love them!

  3. The Savannah Wedding PlannerDecember 10, 2009 at 5:09 PM

    They are orchids...they are beautiful and a very durable flower.