Monday, January 20, 2014

Who's Talking

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Introducing Us
If you were a follower of the blog before we got our fancy new website and logo, you might notice a change in voice - that's because we have new contributors to the blog! You've recently been hearing from me, Jordan Rankin. I'm the executive assistant here at MGE and I wanted to say helloooo to everyone and let you get to know me. I love a good pair of boots, a good bourbon drink, and anything that makes me laugh. During the week, I can often be found running around the Broughton Street area and chances are, I am eating a macaron. Oh, and I love to write!
Jordan copyLook, it's me!
This week, you'll also get to hear the wisdom of Skye Sienkiewicz, one of our assistant coordinators and our resident stylist/fashionista. When she's not delving through fashion texts at SCAD to bring you the latest in cutting-edge bridal design, she can be found working at Wild Wings and Villa Savannah. She is one busy chick! And Skye is absolutely addicted to shoes. She'll be supplying us with style inspiration posts, and we're sooo excited to share them with you!
skye copySkye!

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