Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Petals for Less

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How to Get More Bang for Your Buck in Flowers

Do you start envisioning your wedding day with millions of roses and orchids everywhere, and then start envisioning the foreclosure on your house? You’re not alone.

Your flower arrangements can be some of the most expensive parts of your wedding, so if you want to cut corners without cutting glamour, there are more creative ways to make up for the flowers you might not want to splurge on.

Any big day is incomplete without some flower power, but the alternatives to tons of flowers that will be dead in a week can be really fun, fresh takes that can set your wedding apart.

Switch out traditional boutonni√®res for something a little more rustic. 

Bridal heels with flowers are proven to make you lighter on your feet while dancing.

Floral hair embellishments can stand in place of an outrageous bouquet.

Even details with petal-like aspects (like this belt in one of our latest styled shoots) can add some organic elements to your wedding ensemble!

You can even switch out your bouquet of flowers for a bouquet of jewels and meaningful objects!

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