Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hidden Messages

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Cutting Through the Noise on Your Big Day

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your entire life – so special that you want to share it with everyone. Like, everyone. They’re coming to see you  (and to eat and drink) and see you they will, from the first step down the aisle to the last step into the limo at the end of the night.
Sharing the whole day with your soon-to-be husband and your family is an amazing experience. However, in most cases you really spend most of that day away from all of them, getting dressed with your bridesmaids, doing last minute checks and touchups, and remembering your grandma’s insistence that if your fiancĂ© sees you before the ceremony, your marriage will be cursed forever.
People have begun realizing this, and have started to appreciate the power of the subtle, hidden message to connect with love ones despite the rush and excitement of the big day. Not everything about your wedding has to be public or written on giant chalkboards like that brisket you’re serving.
Exchanging love notes to read before the ceremony is intimate and timeless. Always be sure to read them, on the off chance it might be a heads-up from your guy that he’s not coming after all.
Little messages from family – like these blue-stitched words of wisdom from the mother of one of our brides.
Cutlery with “I Do” and “Me Too” on them are not only understated and adorable, but also act as a vehicle for that cake to make its way into your mouth! Who could ask for more?
Even if you spend every waking second of your wedding day alongside your nearest and dearest, hidden messages are a perfect way to be reminded of the reason for the occasion – love, pure and simple.

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